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Men's Hairstyle Tips & Tricks

How do modern men currently style their hair? What products are right for certain haircuts? What are the options for balding hair? These are questions that many men today are asking, but don’t worry! Here we’ll provide some helpful hair advice and styling rules that all men can benefit from knowing.


Nowadays, men really take their styling regimes seriously and will visit a salon several times a year to keep their hair game strong. Maintaining trendy hair and beards is part of a daily routine and mens hairstyle advice is taken earnestly! If you want to have a better idea of styling products and tools for men, as well as different ways to make the hair and beard compatible, then make note of the following tips.


What men should remember when styling their hair

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The best of both worlds: man bun AND long hair

While men of older generations may have been happy enough with shampooing and blow-drying their hair, things are definitely more serious nowadays. Mens hair care has gone to a new level and men are continually looking for new and exciting ways to style and maintain their hair. Whether your hair is short or long, straight or curly, there are plenty of interesting mens hairstyle options to choose from. You can decide whether you want to wear a tidy cut rather than sport a tousled, out-of-bed look, for instance. Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that some styles are better than others for the workplace and formal occasions. If dreads, a Mohawk, or even shaved hair is what you’re after, be sure that you can rock it without there being any issues along the way.

Mens hairstyle tools

Aside from a hairdryer and comb, men should make sure a hairbrush is included in their styling toolkit. Invest in a brush with natural bristles or a massage brush with rounded, rubber, or wood bristles. A flat iron may be useful for men who prefer to have straighter, sleeker hair. Be sure to buy a flat iron of good quality so that you won’t get any heat damage to your hair and scalp, and don’t forget heat protectant spray. Tweezers are a must to pluck out eyebrow hairs, especially those growing in between the two in order to avoid a unibrow! You should regularly disinfect these tweezers with alcohol.


Although it’s no fun to do, remember to remove visible nose and ear hair before it can grow! This type of hair is rather unsightly, so keep track of this or ask someone you trust to inform you when it’s time to use special nose or ear hair trimmers, or even tweezers to pluck the unwanted hair out. Under no circumstances should you use depilatory creams in your nose and ears. These creams work well on legs, chest and back hair, but they will irritate the sensitive mucus membranes in the nose and ears.

The best products for men to style their hair

  • Short hair is best styled using gel because it gives short hairstyles sufficient hold. However, using the right amount of gel is very important for mens hairstyles, as only a pea-sized amount is needed. Rub this between your fingers to make it more pliable to use through the hair.
  • Wax or pomade is the right choice if you like your hair to have a softer look.
  • Not all gels are suitable for long hair because it will become rigid and hard to style. There are special styling products for men with longer hair, so ensure you pick the right one!
  • Hair wax or styling cream helps to create a natural hairstyle. It’s also possible to use hair spray after you have applied gel or wax to your hair for a firmer hold.

What to do with balding hair?

Man with shaved head and beard
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A shaven head looks super stylish and is very easy to maintain

First off, it’s a good idea to look at ways to stop hair loss. Many men have to deal with balding hair, but hair growth-promoting treatments and hair transplants are possible solutions. You might even prefer the option to completely shave your hair and stick with a razor-short haircut. This is a simple and cool way to deal with the loss of hair if you don’t like any other alternative. Consult with your hair stylist before making your decision and don’t hesitate to ask your closest friends for feedback.

Mens hairstyles with trendy facial hair

Just like your hair, a good beard can turn into a great beard when you choose the right style and maintain it properly. Some men can pull off a mustache, while a full beard suits others. For example, full beards look good with a man bun, while short hair looks good with stubble. Make use of electrical beard trimmers to help you achieve the correct length for your beard, as you might like to keep sideburns longer than your mustache. Play around with different looks until you find one that suits your current hair style and face shape. When combined perfectly, facial hair and mens hairstyles can work great together to make a striking look.