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Mens Hair Care Tips: From Washing To Styling

Hair care for men is just as important as it is for women – no matter whether you sport a long or short style, we all want to look and feel great. Problem is, there’s so much advice out there on how to look after your hair that it can be pretty difficult to know where to begin. Here, we offer practical hair tips for men who want to maintain a healthy head of hair, but without too much hassle. To keep things simple, we’ll cover three stages that reflect the average daily hair care routine: washing, drying, and styling.

Washing hair care for men

Mens hair care

Clean hair builds confidence.

A morning shower is part of many mens hair care routines, but what you may not know is that you shouldn’t actually be washing your hair every day. Unless you have overly greasy hair, washing two to three times a week is plenty. Otherwise you’ll wash out too many essential oils, which your hair requires for nourishment. On the days that you do decide to shampoo, opt for more natural products if you can and research the best shampoo for men and how exactly to use it. On that note, hot water will also strip the essential oils from your scalp, so try for a lukewarm shower instead.

Drying off your hair

man using mens hair care tips

Try out different styling products.

Another aspect of hair care men often neglect is the drying process. Simply put: don’t rub your hair too roughly! It’s all too easy to get a little impatient when it comes to drying off your hair, but not rushing it pays off in the long run. Rubbing your hair with a towel when it’s wet can weaken it, and therefore breakage and split ends are likelier, especially when you do it every day.


Here’s an easy mens hair care tip for you: try patting your hair dry with the towel instead. It may take you a little longer in the morning, but it’s ultimately much gentler and your hair will thank you for it! You could also invest in a hair dryer if you prefer, but just remember to avoid the highest heat setting – extreme heat is a recipe for hair damage.

Hair care tips for men when styling

  • Product usage: Men love their hair styling products such as wet look gel, pomade, or wax and putties. They’re great tools for shaping hair but, like many things in life, too much of it will do more harm than good. Use your product in moderate quantities and evenly distribute it through your hair, otherwise it will weigh down your locks and make them feel greasy.
  • An egg-cellent conditioner: Bear with us on this one – use eggs as a conditioner! It sounds a bit strange, but in fact, the high protein content of the eggs helps strengthen hair follicles. For best results, treat your hair and scalp once a month with an egg mixed with a touch of olive oil.
  • Caution with chemicals: An important hair care tip for men who want to color their hair is to be extra careful with chemical treatments, like bleach. In practice, this means consulting a professional about what products are appropriate for your hair and how to apply them properly. At the very least, be sure to read up on how to dye your hair safely and effectively.