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Say Goodbye To Oily Hair

Can you relate to the following story? In the morning you leave the house with freshly shampooed, gorgeously bouncy hair. But even before it hits noon, your roots have turned oily and your limp hair is no longer in any particular style. Read our tips on how to wash hair properly and put an end to oily scalps.


Simply dust off your oily hair!

Stash away or carry around a bottle of baby powder, body powder, or cornmeal with baking soda. Simply apply a dusting of the powdery substance to your hair roots and work it into your scalp with your fingers like you would do with a wet shampoo. Then use a brush with natural bristles to remove all grayish residue from your hair.

Using alcohol as oily hair treatment

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Follow our tips for grease-free hair!

Spray a little hair spray on your hair roots (be sure to use hair spray for oily or fine hair, not for stressed hair) or massage a small amount of setting mousse into your scalp. Both the mousse and the alcohol in the hair spray absorb excess sebum and make the hair bouncy again. Something like göt2b® Volumaniac™ hairspray should do the trick. In another easy method for how to treat oily hair, you use a cotton ball soaked in facial tonic to wipe excess oil off your scalp. Facial tonics commonly contain alcohol as well. Check the ingredient list on the package to make sure that the tonic indeed contains alcohol to help wipe off the sebum.

Sebum control throughout the day

Of course, using shampoo for oily hair to get rid of excess oil would be the proper solution. But unfortunately, washing your hair in the bathroom at work or school in the middle of the day usually isn’t an option! In this situation, dry shampoo for oily hair comes in handy. Simply spray it onto the hair near your scalp and use a towel to rub it in. Brush your hair well after allowing a few minutes for the dry shampoo to do its job.

Keeping hair out of the oily scalp zone

The closer your hair is to your scalp, the more oil it will absorb. Slightly tease the hair near the roots of your bangs to give your hair volume and keep it away from the source of sebum (oil).

Provides structure and shine

More solutions for oily hair roots:

  • Bangs are not at all helpful when it comes to hiding oily hair roots. Side or middle parts are much more suitable for this purpose.
  • One of the best oily hair treatments is using only clean brushes, combs, rollers and curling irons. Otherwise, residue from conditioners, styling aids and sebum can lead to a stringy, limp look shortly after you shampoo your hair. Optimally, you should clean your brushes and combs once a week and then air-dry those styling tools (drying brushes and combs on top of radiators would damage the bristles). Regularly clean curling and flat irons using cotton balls soaked in pure alcohol.
  • If your scalp produces too much sebum, you should under no circumstances use styling products containing oil, such as wax, pomade, or styling crème. Alcohol-based hair styling products for oily hair, such as setting mousse, hair spray and gel – like göt2b® Phenomenal light hold gel – are much more suitable. Like always, start using the smallest effective amount. You can always add more! You might also want to consider reverse hair washing to try something new.
  • Use brushes with natural bristles exclusively (e.g. wild boar bristles). Such bristles are capable of distributing the sebum throughout the hair and are much better for treating oily hair.