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Brunette Shampoo For Lasting Color

There’s nothing quite like a head full of luscious dark locks to make the room stand to attention. Whether you were born as a stunning brunette or use color to achieve your dream shade, there’s no doubt that dark haired women have it all. To maintain the luscious shine and richness that brown hair is known for, it’s important to use the right products and care routine. Shampoo for brunettes is your first step towards being the subject of 24/7 hair envy.

Shampoo for brown hair that shines

Brunette shampoo for women

Great shampoo is the secret to healthy brunette hair.

Natural brunettes have different care and color concerns to, for example, blondes or redheads. Dark hair is typically thicker and more dense than any other hair type, and therefore requires particular attention. As part of your brunette hair care regimen, you should always make sure you have a high quality brown hair shampoo. This will both protect and enhance your natural color, regardless of the environmental pollutants or the sun damage it may endure. The upside is that dark hair traps light inside its cortex and reflects it back out much more strongly than any other color; this is why dark hair is renowned for always being so shiny.

What to look for in a brunette shampoo

If you have brown hair and are looking for a shampoo for brunettes that will protect and enhance your color without imprinting any long-lasting chemical changes, then there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing. First of all, note that chocolate brown hair color requires very different kinds of attention to light brown hair, so be sure to pay close attention to your particular shade of hair. Straight hair tends to become oily faster, while curls need a lot of moisture without the threat of getting weighed down, so be sure to also note its porosity and texture. This, along with the length of your hair, should all factor into your decision making prior to purchasing any kind of brown hair shampoo.

Important factors for choosing shampoo for brown hair:

  1. Brunettes typically experience more noticeable sun damage than other colors, so try to find a shampoo that includes SPF. This will help to coat the strands and prevent sun damage and color changing. 
  2. Pick a shampoo for brunettes that has color depositing agents in it to help fight any brassiness that might emerge in the ends of your hair after a lot of sun exposure.
  3. Consider your lifestyle: if you live in a hot place or work out a lot, then you will probably want to cleanse your hair daily. In this case, choose a formula that is mild and designed for daily use. Wherever possible, however, try to refrain from over-shampooing your hair, as it will encourage dryness.