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How Scalp Massages Can Provide Optimum Hair Growth

If you want to try out all the great hairstyles you see on the red carpet or fashionable streets across the world, you’ll more often than not require long hair! No matter your hair color or type, long hair can be turned into so many beautiful styles and trends. The problem? Waiting for it to grow! For some people, it can take years to get to the point where your long hair can be styled the way you like, but there is a hack, and it’s a scalp massage. This technique, whether performed by yourself or by a professional, helps to stimulate hair growth and shorten the waiting time. We’ll provide a few secrets to growing beautiful long hair.


Since hair grows by about half an inch (1.2 to 1.5 cm) per month for the average person, this can be agonizingly slow if your hair is already quite short. Furthermore, your genes will set the conditions for hair growth, so it may be faster or slower for some folks. But while you can't change your genetic settings, you can still make sure that your hair stays healthy, strong and shiny while it grows. A scalp massage is a fantastic way to speed up the process, and what’s more, it’s a great relaxation idea at the same time!


Does a scalp massage help hair grow? Discover the techniques

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As well as feeling amazing, scalp massages also promote healthy hair growth

In order to stimulate the blood circulation and channel more nutrients to the hair roots, a scalp massage is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to grow their hair faster. The increased circulation ensures the best starting conditions for the hair strands. Don’t forget that a massage for the scalp has many advantages for our general well-being and really helps us relax. There are professionals who can perform a scalp massage, but you can do it yourself with two massage techniques to stimulate hair growth.


The first technique involves using all your fingers to (very) gently pull on your hair. You should feel tension but not so much that it hurts. Slowly work your way around your scalp until all your hair has been lightly pulled. You can even curl strands around your finger and pull softly if your hair is long enough.


Another very effective scalp massage for hair growth and to stimulate the blood circulation is the tapping massage. This is even more effective if you first dip your fingers into a little hair tonic containing alcohol or even a droplet of ethereal citrus oil (e.g. bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, or lemongrass oil). To begin, touch your scalp with your fingertips and start tapping gently but in a relatively fast rhythm. Perform this all the way around your scalp a few times. You could do both of these scalp massage techniques while you watch TV or read a book on the couch, for example.

Special Shampoos for Stronger and Thicker Hair

Alongside regular scalp massages, you can help your hair grow as fast as possible by starting with the right shampoo. Opt for shampoos containing coenzyme Q10. This coenzyme stimulates the generation of keratin in the hair roots, as keratin proteins are the main building blocks of hair. However, we tend to produce less keratin as we age. Look for shampoos that coat the individual hairs with a supporting film, which contains a collagen complex and other supporting ingredients. This film protects and supports every hair strand and helps it become stronger and thicker over time.

Once your hair is a little longer, you need to provide the hair ends with plenty of TLC! After all, the ends of your hair are months or even years old. Moisturizers like aloe vera, yogurt, wheat proteins, and panthenol are particularly beneficial for the hair ends and won’t weigh the hair down. In case your hair is naturally strong and tends to look dry and straw-like, you should look for richer care products like shea butter and soy proteins, as well as the active ingredients in cranberry and briar (wild rose) extracts.

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A quicker alternative to growing long hair: Clip-in extensions

While you can give yourself a scalp massage for hair growth and turn to beneficial shampoos to keep your locks healthy, waiting is the hardest part! Growing your hair takes time, but if you’re not the patient type or want to try out a new look for a special occasion, then clip-in hair extensions are a fast and easy way to get long hair. These are a great temporary solution, but also a nice way to see how long hair suits you before you try out new hairstyles!


To insert clip-in extensions, you simply tuck the hair slide with the hair piece underneath the  hair that should cover it. It might take a few tries to get it right, but the trick is simple yet effective. You may decide to go for thicker or longer hair, depending on your desired look. Using clip-in extensions is faster and costs a lot less than bonded hair extensions, which are time-consuming and need to be checked every four months. Clip-in extensions work well especially for updos, although you should keep in mind that your hair should ideally be chin length to perfect the look.