Stunning hairstyles for heart shaped faces
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Picking the Best Hairstyles for A Heart Shaped Faces

Do you have a heart shaped face? Congratulations! You're part of a large population with this particularly-shaped set of features. What does this mean for you? That there are a number of different hairstyles which will really compliment your face shape, as opposed to say haircuts for oval faces, and bring out the best of your features. But before we go on to list the best haircuts for heart shaped faces, let's talk about what it means to have one!

What defines a heart shaped face?

Heart shaped faces are versatile

Heart shaped faces suit a number of different looks

There are a number of different characteristics that define a heart shaped face. Firstly, these faces tend to be widest in the middle of the face at the ridges of the cheeks. The chins of people with heart shaped faces tend to be on the narrow side, and the foreheads tend to be more broad. From top to bottom, your face becomes broader around the cheeks before narrowing out around your chin and jawline, essentially creating the shape of a heart.


Hairstyles for heart shaped faces need to fulfill a number of different functions. They need to create volume around the bottom of your face without completely obscuring your jawline. They shouldn't be top heavy and they shouldn't be too long either. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Inspiring haircuts for heart shaped faces

The classic bob


The classic bob hairstyle is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for a heart shaped face. Not only is it a sophisticated and timeless style, it’s also pretty versatile so you can experiment with it and should easily be able to find a version that suits you perfectly. This style ages really well, meaning that even as you get older you'll still look great rocking this heart shaped face hairstyle.


Shoulder-length hair with bangs


Combining shoulder-length hair with bangs makes for an absolutely beautiful hairstyle for heart shaped faces. Whether you have luscious blonde locks or fiery red, this midi-length is always highly complementary when it comes to matching your haircut to your heart shaped face. The style draws attention to a person's eyes while also bringing out the natural contours of their cheekbones.


The pixie look


A pixie cut is arguably one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces as it's an extremely self-confident look. It allows the wearer to unabashedly show their face while simultaneously looking stylish. Not only does it bring out the cheek bones beautifully, but it's also a great hairstyle for both professional and more casual settings.