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How to Tell Your Hair Stylist What You Want?

It is not always easy to tell your hair stylist what kind of haircut you want and get the right message across. We like to help you prevent communication problems with your hair stylist before it is too late so that you get the desired hair style

Tip 1: Bring demonstration materials to your hair stylist

A picture is worth a thousand words. In a magazine or other publication you may have discovered a picture of the hair style you like to wear. You should bring this picture to your next appointment with your hair stylist. Demonstration materials are especially useful if they contain images of a hair style from the front, back and from the sides and if you have additional pictures of similar hair styles. Should your hair stylist believe that the hair style is not suitable for you he/she will suggest alternatives.

Tip 2: Talk to your hair stylist about the hair style you want and need

During the first appointment with a new hair stylist you should indicate how much time you have for your styling routine. Are you usually in a hurry early in the morning and therefore need wash-and-go hair style? Do you want to air dry your hair sometimes or are you quite handy with blow-dryer, round brush and styling products? Talk about your lifestyle and indicate whether you work in a conservative or hip environment. You should also be dressed in a way that is characteristic of your personality and lifestyle. This tells you hair stylist what your preferences are and whether a hair style fits your overall image. Make sure that your hair stylist knows what you do not like, no matter what.

In case you plan an extensive change of your hair style, you should ask for some extra time for a consultation ahead of the appointment. Otherwise, your hair stylist may not have the necessary time because of an upcoming appointment.

Tip 3: Give your hair stylist precise instructions

If you want your hair cut somewhat shorter you should say exactly how much shorter. It is best to use your fingers to indicate by how much you wish to shorten your hair. Say “This much shorter and not more please.” Do not give instructions that may be interpreted in different ways, such as “I want only the ends of my hair cut.”

Tip 4: Better safe than sorry: Ask questions!

If you and your hair stylist are not yet familiar with each other you should not permit your hair stylist to cut your hair as he or she sees fit. Ask beforehand how your hair stylist intends to cut your hair. Keep asking questions or ask to see a picture of the planned hair style if your hair stylist’s suggestions are not meaningful to you or you don’t have the slightest inkling what kind of hair style or method he or she is talking about.

Tip 5: Keep your eyes on the scissors 

You should carefully watch what your hair stylist is doing whether or not you would rather like to relax after a hard day. Speak up as soon as you feel uneasy about something and well in time for your hair stylist to still change gear. A good hair stylist will show a positive reaction to your participation and will ask for your wishes. You do have some recourse in the event that he or she reacts inappropriately or even snippy and you really feel uncomfortable. After all, it’s your hair and your money! Be friendly but firm and if all else fails end your appointment. Normally, there will be no charges for such failed sessions. Hair stylists are rarely interested in earning a bad reputation.

Tip 6: Styling Products

Ask your hair stylist about hair care products. She or he can put a collection of products together, which fit your hair structure and your desired style. Of course, you can also talk with your hair stylist about your favorite products and how they are best applied. You may be surprised about the number of good tips you can take home with you.

Tip 7: Be honest!

Honesty pays! A few days after your salon visit you may find yourself unable to deal with the new hair style. Even a few days after your visit you can complain about the work of your hair stylist. A phone call is the best first step in handling the situation. A good hair stylist is willing to correct the haircut free of charge.

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