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All the Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Your prom party is not only a major event but will surely form one of your most enduring memories from high school. As a result, it makes sense that you want to look your absolute best for the occasion. Alongside finding the perfect dress, this also means making your hair perfect. If you have long hair, prom styles can come in many different forms. Pick from cool, trendy, retro, elegant, or extravagant hairstyle looks and choose which best suits you.

Long hairstyles for prom that suit everyone

Woman with long hair

Long hairstyles are a great option for prom

Prom is a celebration of your time at high school and all the great memories and friends that you’ve made there. There’s a high chance that the pictures you take will be looked back on for many years to come, so make sure you’re looking your best! Long hair is perfect for many different kinds of look: prom updos are always popular for a mature and coiffed effect, while many long prom hairstyles are worn with soft waves and curls hanging loosely down the back.   

Get inspired by these prom hairstyles for long hair

Give your look a new dimension with one of these high impact styles. Whether you will be getting your hair fixed by a professional on the night or will manage it yourself while getting ready with friends, these tips and tricks can help you to create a glamorous look with minimum stress.

Waves add style

Woman with red wavy hair

Waves add easy style to any look

Long hairstyles for prom will traditionally always feature some kind of wave or curl to add extra glamour and volume. Soft waves can look edgy if you reverse the normal practice and instead set the hair in curls near the roots and keep the ends straight, channeling Gatsby-style 1920s hairstyles. Alternatively, channel 1940s starlet Veronica Lake and opt for long and alluring glossy waves that can fall over one side of your face for a demure effect.

Color change up

Prom night may be just the time to ring in a new phase in your life with a totally new hair color. Opt for something bold and exciting or simply add some subtle new tones to your look. For maximum effect, why not take the plunge and opt for platinum blonde hair to make a statement or go for blonde balayage to give dark hair a shimmering effect. No matter which shade you choose to go for, it will be given the best moment to debut when styled into a stunning long hairstyle for prom.

Dynamic asymmetry

Give your long prom hairstyle some serious edge with an asymmetric detail. Asymmetry adds interest to your look by drawing attention to your facial features and offering sharply defined contrast between sides. Use bobby pins or slides to pull your hair back on one side and use a finishing spray to ensure you have a sleek and clean finish for maximum effect.