Male model with short hairstyle and long fringe
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Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes: What Are the Options on Offer?

One of the simplest ways to vary your hairstyle and flatter your face is with a fringe. Bangs can really impact your overall look and bring out your features in a whole new light. Fringes may be long or short and cut round, pointy or irregularly, but no matter which you prefer, we’ll show a few attractive men’s hairstyles with bangs.

Ginger-haired man with bangs and hoodie

Bangs can dramatically change your appearance and work with straight or curly hair!

There’s no doubt that fringes dramatically change the overall appearance of your face and work especially well on people who have short hair with glasses. They also suit long hairstyles for men incredibly well and can be a nice change if you want to add an interesting, new aspect to your hair. Men’s haircuts with bangs can drastically influence how your face looks, depending on the type of fringe you wear. Discuss the best fringe for your face shape, hair length, and hair type with your hair stylist.

Men’s hairstyles with bangs: Different types of fringes

Brunette man with fringe

The possibiities are endless. This guy has chosen long, uneven bangs.

Men’s hairstyles with bangs come in many shapes and sizes: they may be long or short, but also allowed to hang straight down, brushed to one side or even cut into a pointy shape. Accenting individual strands of the fringe is yet another option! The trendy bangs of today are often irregular, as sometimes the more unusual, the better!


Bangs can end well above the eyebrows and look well-groomed, but irregularly styled bangs, which end barely short of the eyebrows, are great for men who want a messier look. Alternatively, fringes may partially cover the eyes, as you can see in the hugely popular and cool shag haircut.


Short and tousled

Slightly tousled bangs reach only to the middle of the forehead. The irregular side parting is hardly noticeable and this casual look is especially suitable for round faces.


Long and round cut

This type of men’s hairstyle with bangs is perfect for gents with thin hair of at least medium length. The long fringe reaches to the eyes and is casually brushed to one side, giving the fringe a round, sweeping shape. This shape is ideal for angular faces.



All of the hair on top of the head is combed forward. With the hair reaching almost to the eyebrows, fringes are cut to a point in the center. These bangs work well for men with high foreheads and a widow’s peak. In terms of styling, this is perhaps the easiest men’s haircut with bangs, as you can simply bend forward to let your hair drop slightly, then use your fingers to pull your hair into the desired shape.


Short and irregular

The short, irregularly cut bangs work particularly well for men with thin hair and short foreheads, especially if you add a side parting. This asymmetrical fringe look really sets itself apart compared to other men’s hairstyles with fringes, simply because you can style it a little differently each day!


Short and straight

These short bangs are cut straight and reach about midway to the forehead. A few strands of hair can be accentuated to avoid a rigid appearance. The shaping of these fringes forms a pleasing contrast to angular facial lines.

How best to style men’s haircuts with bangs

Older man with gray hair, bangs and beard

Bangs have no age limit. Even silver foxes can rock them!

Hair wax helps to structure and define fringes. Since hair wax comes in glossy and matte, it places another style element at your disposal. Individual strands of the fringes may be styled matte or shiny and can really stand out with the use of hair paste or cream to hold the look.


Rest assured, there’s definitely a formal or casual fringe to suit many types of men. Neat and tidy or messy and irregular – men’s hairstyles with fringes are easy to style, trendy, and look fantastic when taken care of properly.