Male model with short hairstyle and long fringe
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Mens Haircuts with Fringes

If fringes flatter your face they are a simple way to vary your hairstyle. There is hardly any other hairstyle element with so much impact on the overall look. We show a few attractive men’s hairstyles with fringes. Fringes may be long or short and cut round, pointy or irregularly

Gallery: Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes

Fringes dramatically change the overall appearance of your face and work well on people who have short hair with glasses. They are also a great option for anyone who favors long hairstyles for men but want to add an interesting new aspect to them. The type of fringe you wear can drastically influence how your face looks. Test out whether fringe styles compliment your face before making the cut.

Men’s Hairstyles with Different Types of Fringes

Fringes may be long or short and they may be cut round or pointy. They may be allowed to hang straight down, brushed to one side or cut into a pointy shape. Accenting individual strands of the fringes is yet another option. Today’s cool fringes are irregular, the less regular the better!


Fringes may end well above the eyebrows and look well-groomed as shown in the photo above. By contrast, the photo in the center above shows irregularly styled fringes, which barely end short of the eyebrows. Alternatively, fringes may partially cover the eyes as shown for the shag in the photo above on the right.

How to Style Men’s Fringes

Hair wax helps to structure and define fringes. Since hair wax comes in glossy and matte, it puts another style element into your hands. Individual strands of the fringes or all the fringes may be styled matte or shiny. Hair is naturally glossy. Therefore, matte or partially matte fringes stand out.