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The Best Sleek Hairstyles

Sleek hair is a red carpet classic and is comprised primarily of a smooth and glossy finish to the hair. Sleek looks can be achieved with or without bangs, a side or middle part, and look great on both long and short hair. Sleek look hair is all about smooth lines and high shine. Consequently, excellent hair care is the key to wearing any sleek hairstyle as the result should display and amplify your shine. Read on to hear about some of our favorite sleek haircuts and tips for how to keep them looking great.


Different kinds of sleek hairstyles

Sleek hairstyles can come in all different shapes and sizes. The look is most often associated with more formal occasions and show-stealing sleek updos, but it can also be made to create more casual sleek ponytail styles, ultra-modern hairstyles with bangs, and plenty more. With the right tools and techniques, pretty much any hairstyle can be given this gorgeous glossy finish.

Long sleek hairstyle inspiration

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Hair doesn't get any sleeker than this!

Long hair is an amazing base onto which you can create some seriously head-turning sleek haircuts. The key to this look is to have the hair in immaculate condition, freshly cut and styled to perfection. One highly popular sleek hairstyle for long hair is a blunt cut and a smooth, straight finish. Worn with a center part, this look oozes sophistication and sensuality. But there are also plenty more possibilities—check out a few of our favorites below.


Sleek updo

The sleek updo style has a great reputation for more formal events and parties—from balls and galas to weddings— and for good reason. When executed well, this hairstyle is all about class and poise, so you’ll be the belle of the ball. Why not try styling your sleek updo with a chignon, or maybe even a low bun?


Sleek ponytail

Loosely tied ponytails have a cool bohemian vibe, sure, but sleek ponytail styles give your look a totally different edge. Plus, they’re actually really versatile. You could, for example, go for a celebrity-inspired low, sleek ponytail and look for the red carpet. Alternatively, bring back the 90s with a bang and rock that tight, slicked back ponytail.


Hair down wet look

The wet look is the perfect foil to sleek hairstyles when worn down, or partially down. This look works great on long hair if you apply some gel, like göt2b Defiant, to only some sections of your hair.

How to create a sleek hairstyle for long hair

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Sleek hairstyles give a beautiful finish.

To achieve the ultimate shine and glossy finish that characterizes sleek look hair, you will want to make sure you shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove all oil and dirt residue. Use conditioner liberally, leaving it in for a few minutes so it penetrates deeply while you detangle your hair. After showering, leave your hair to air dry. Finish the drying process with a cool blast from your hair dryer while brushing the strands from root to tip with a paddle brush.


Using a flat iron to straighten your hair will help you get the best finish for your sleek hairstyle, no matter whether you have curly hair or it’s already straight. Apply a heat protectant over all of your hair and divide it into sections. Starting from the bottom, slowly work your way across the hair, straightening inch wide pieces of hair at a time. Once complete, gently comb your hair again to make sure it is lying smoothly against the head. For a glossy finish, spray some göt2b Insta Hold High Hold Hair Spray evenly over your hair. This will give it an instant gloss boost and lock in the effect of your sleek hairstyle all day long.