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Hair Styling | How to Curl Hair Hairstyles

Foam Hair Curlers and Rollers Styling Guide

Using hair curlers is one of the many ways to create curls. This classical method to curl hair is easier than you may think. We share with you our experience in how to use hair curlers and look at hairstyles that will look amazing when using these hair products.


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Hair curlers make light work of curling your locks

If you do not want to use a curling iron and if you have not yet mastered the tricky, unconventional ways to create waves on the cheap, you may want to test hair curlers. Knowing how to curl hair is useful and today’s curlers are usually made of plastic and come in many sizes and designs, so there’s always the right product for your styling preferences.

How to use hair curlers: Important to know

It’s worth keeping in mind that your hair must be long enough to be rolled around hair curlers. Of course, the required hair length depends on the size of the rollers, as at least shoulder-length hair is required for curlers with large diameters. These can be used to create large curls or waves, whereas small curlers will help to create tight curls.


Use hair curlers of different sizes to tailor your curls exactly to your personal preference. To create the undone hair look, simply rub some hair wax between your hands and pull a few strands of hair through your hands or fingers. Consider using Schwarzkopf hair wax for a great effect or even try something like our göt2b inPLAY sculpting paste for a different style. Thin curlers work best if you want to create well-defined curls. After removing the curlers, hang your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair a couple of times. This will create bouncy curls. You may want to use volumizing hair powder to create the ‘big hair’ look. When learning how to use hair curlers, it’s usually best to begin with clean hair and part it into at least four sections.

Using hair curlers to create gorgeous curls

  1. Put styling mousse into the palms of your hands and distribute it through towel-dried hair. If you want to part your hair, then it’s best to do it now. Partition your hair into one section on and around the crown of your head and two more side sections.
  2. First, roll up the hair on the crown of your head working your way from the forehead to the upper back of your head. Then put the hair curlers in the sides, working your way along in rows from the top to the bottom and from the front to the back.
    Tip: You may decide not to roll the curlers all the way to the roots of the hair, so that the hair near the roots remains straight. The hair is often left straight down to ear level.
  3. Use a tail comb to section off a small strand of hair. The strand should be slightly narrower than the curler. Comb the strand and gently pull it away from the scalp. Start to roll the strand of hair onto the curler starting with the hair ends. Roll the top strands of hair under toward the back of the head. Then roll the side hair strands under toward the neck hairline.
    Tip: Long hair may be rolled onto hair curlers by first winding the ends of a hair strand around the curler. Then you can roll the strand onto the curler as far as you like to curl your hair. Gently pull the strand of hair while rolling it onto the curler.
  4. Continue to roll up all strands of hair.
    Tip: Curls look livelier if you use hair curlers of different sizes.
  5. After you have rolled all your hair onto the curlers, use a blow dryer to warm up your hair. This will set the curls. Allow the curls to cool before you gently remove the curlers. Use your fingers to shape your hairstyle.
  6. You may like to define individual strands of hair using hair wax. Use volumizing hair powder if you want to have a ‘bigger hair’ look. Hairspray keeps your curls in shape, such as Schwarzkopf göt2b Insta Hold High Hold hairspray. It may take some practice before the curls turn out the way you envisioned them. Luckily, curly hairstyles are very forgiving!