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The Buzz Cut: A Great Look For Men

An indisputable classic and instantly recognizable, buzz cut hair is perfect for the man who wants to look his best but desires minimal time to do so. Typically called a buzz cut because of the use of hair clippers and little else, this hairstyle is generally cut to just one length all over although other styles are possible. The sides and the back can have a low, mid, or high fade, but as you'll see, this hairstyle is all about keeping it short!

The positives of buzz cut hairstyles

Streetstyle buzz cut

The buzz cut perfectly complements a streetstyle look

The biggest advantage with the buzz cut fade and its many forms is simply the lack of maintenance. Typically, styling short hair for men can involve considerable amounts of time and care. However, with hair this short, you definitely don't need styling products or tools, as your hairstyle is generally ready to go as soon as you wake up. Even better? The buzz cut and beard combo is hard to beat and also looks great for men with thinning hairlines.


In general, buzz cut hairstyles suit men of all ages and professions. Short hair is for the most part a safe bet in most formal and informal situations, so no matter where you work you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with your boss. Plus, with all the minutes you save by not having to use hair gel or blow dryers, you have more time to do the things you really love.

The different buzz cut lengths

Rose buzz cut

Get creative with your buzz cut

A lot of buzz cut options largely depend on which hair clipper size you choose: number one is very short, yet number three provides you with a tiny bit more length on top. If you've never had buzz cut hair before, then it's best to work your way down the clipper sizes in order to find your preferred length. Once it’s shaved too short there’s no going back! These are some of the most popular buzz cut hairstyles:

  • Induction cut: Some might call it the army cut or military cut, as many soldiers are given this cut when joining the armed forces. This length is usually a zero on the clipper size, so is generally considered the most extreme option.
  • Crew cut: This style leaves more length on the top than most buzz cuts, but typically has shorter sides and back. The difference is sometimes marginal, but any expert hair stylist will be able to give you a good buzz cut fade. Some men like to grow the top slightly longer and use hair styling products, but this depends on your own preferences.
  • High & tight: This looks a little similar to a men’s undercut, where the difference between the top part and lower part of your hair is more noticeable. For example, this might be made with a 3 on top and a 0 on the sides and back. This is definitely a trending buzz cut for men and makes a vivid contrast between the differing hair lengths.


Overall, the buzz cut haircut is great for those who don't want the fuss of longer and more complex hairstyles, but prefer something which looks great all year round.

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