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How To Straighten Frizzy Hair

Bothered by all those flyaway strands and want to straighten your frizzy hair? Admittedly, it’s not the easiest thing to do, but with the right technique and products, your hair will be as straight as an arrow in no time. Here are some tips on how to turn wild frizz into enviously sleek hair with minimal effort.


Extra care for frizzy hair

Brunette woman with wet hair using a spray

A quick spray will do wonders for your locks

Curly hair is often quite dry and therefore gratefully accepts any extra attention it can get! Every now and then, it should be treated with products that are specifically designed to help straighten hair. The specially coordinated ingredients counteract your hair’s frizz. So as well as straightening your frizzy hair, you can make it shiny at the same time. Important: It is best to use a conditioner on your hair after each wash. If you are in a hurry in the morning, a quick spray treatment that doesn’t need to be rinsed out is ideal. Pamper your locks even more with an enriching hair mask once a week.

Taming the frizz

Blonde woman with velcro rollers in hair

This may seem counterproductive but it works!

If you want to straighten frizzy hair, you need a few patented helpers. Thick round brushes are ideal, but large Velcro rollers are even better. Spray a leave-in treatment into your hair beforehand to help tame it. Then blow-dry your hair using a diffuser attachment until it’s just about dry. Next, straighten your locks by rolling them over the round brush or winding them around the rollers. Then continue to blow-dry and only when your hair is totally dry is it time to take out the rollers and comb your hair through.

Straightening frizzy hair – too hot to handle


Don't forget the heat protection spray before you begin straightening!

Maybe you’ve already tried it: laying your hair over an ironing board, placing a towel on top, and attempting to straighten it with an iron? We definitely don’t recommend going to these extremes – the risk of heat damage is too great. Modern straightening irons with ceramic plates are a lot friendlier to your hair since they distribute the heat evenly and lessen the damage. If you buy some with added ion technology, they will leave your hair feeling smoother as well as extra shiny. Important: If you straighten frizzy hair, be sure to apply a heat protection spray or anti-frizz balm beforehand. Both leave a wafer-thin protective film around each strand and ensure that the heat does as little damage as possible. However, for your hair’s sake, you should refrain from using straightening irons on a daily basis.

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