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Style Advice For Curls: Inspiration & Styling Tips

Curls often have a mind of their own - so it can be a challenge to find the right hairstyle. In this article, we present some curly hair styling tips and hairstyle ideas so you can find the right cut for your curls.


Natural curls look bouncy and full of life but are often not so easy to style. Finding the right hairstyle for yourself is a challenge: the style should suit the type of curls you have, be adaptable to your own styling habits and of course be something that you actually like and are proud to show off. The basis for every look, however, is always a good cut.

Style advice for small and big, loose curls

Our style guide will distinguish between small and big curls because every hair structure has its own styling rules. While small curls tend to be able to hold themselves up, which results in a lot of volume, big, loose curls can end up sagging. If you have small curls, it therefore makes sense to go for a short haircut or a very layered long haircut since this reduces volume. Chin-length hair, on the other hand, is a great option for big curls. Long hair should only be slightly layered so that it is still able to support the curls’ bounciness.

Style advice for every type of curl

A further point to consider when choosing your ideal hairstyle is your lifestyle. Would you prefer to spend the least amount of time possible in front of the bathroom mirror every morning? Do you have to wash your hair often? In this case, a sporty haircut would be ideal for you. This classic look is suitable for women who want a practical yet effective hairstyle with little effort. If you enjoy styling, you can also try a more sophisticated hairstyle.

Styling tips for curly hair

  • You should let your curls air-dry as often as possible. Leave-in products prevent your hair from becoming frizzy and help defined curls develop. Massage a little of the product into your hair and wrap strand after strand around your finger to produce the desired curls.
  • In our style guide, we also introduce you to some hairstyles that require you to straighten your curls. You should take your time when styling these looks, as stubborn natural frizzy hair won’t be forced into the desired style without putting up a fight first. After washing your hair, you should dab it (don’t rub it as this may cause tangles) and then blow-dry it smooth while it is still wet - not towel-dried. Only when your hair is completely dry, should you use the straightening iron!
  • Parts don’t have to be neat and tidy when it comes to curly hair – let it fall how it wants for a more natural look.
  • Curls often have little shine because the hair structure is usually dry so the hair’s surface reflects less light than it would do with straight hair. In addition to using care products, you should also use gloss spray as a finish when styling natural curls.

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