Feminine short hairstyle with blonde hair
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Short Blonde Hair: Bold and Beautiful

Cute, feminine, striking, strong: blonde short haircuts can be wildly different but still have the same gorgeous effect. Blonde haircuts are always popular for the spring and summer months, as they perfectly reflect back sunlight and enjoy natural highlight effects. What’s more, keeping the hair short helps keep you cool in hot weather and is blissfully low maintenance. Here we take a look at some of the best short blonde hair options and offer some top styling tips.

Short blonde hair ideas for you

Short blonde hair ideas

Find the right short blonde look for you

Short hair is hot right now, and we love it. More and more women are swapping their long hairstyles for beautiful short cuts that are expressive and bold. Whether you are a natural blonde or a peroxide queen, blonde short hairstyles exude self-confidence and are an eye-catching look that will always turn heads. Short styles work especially well with light-colored hair and can have a youthful effect, as the hair appears healthier and doesn’t weigh your facial features down.

The right blonde haircut for every face shape

There is a huge range of short blonde hair ideas that almost every woman can rock. A great way to choose the right one for you is to take your face shape into account.

Short blonde hair bob

Short blonde bob hairuts look amazing

Oval faces

An oval face shape is often considered ideal since it is able to suit most hairstyles and cuts. With a 3:2 length-width ratio, an oval face is well-balanced and without any harsh edges. This makes it more likely you’ll be able to pull off all manner of different short blonde haircuts. Opting for something daring, such as a pixie cut, is therefore a great option as it will frame the face and serve to enhance its perfect contours.


Rectangular faces

Rectangular faces typically need cuts that are soft at the edges to help emphasize your strong cheekbones while gently reducing the impact of a prominent jawline. The best blonde short haircuts for this face type include layered bobs with tousled waves or curls. Soft curtain bangs also help to make your forehead appear less prominent.


Round faces

Styles that help to elongate the face are ideal for round faces. For this reason, cutting in short hair with bangs is a great option. The bangs can be worn straight or side-swept – whatever feels most comfortable. Blonde bob hairstyles are great as they add plenty of volume and can be adapted to the perfect length for you.

How to style short blonde hair

There are so many ways you can give your short blonde haircut your own signature appeal to ensure it is as individual as you are. From coloring to curling wands, these are our favorite ways to transform your look.


Tousled waves: Few styles suit short hair quite as well as gently tousled waves. Adding a casual and choppy look with plenty of texture, your hair will look healthy and gorgeous. Find out how to get the perfect beach waves hair here.


Straight and angled: Sleek and sophisticated, a perfectly straightened angular bob is a great choice for when you want to look professional and well put-together. Always remember to use a finishing spray to ensure you maintain that polished look throughout the day.


Color accents: From ombre to blonde balayage, there are many different highlighting effects you can use to give your short blonde hair a whole new dimension. 

Makeup tips for blonde short hair

Taylor Swifts short blonde hair

Taylor Swift looks incredible with short blonde hair and bright red lips

When choosing what kind of makeup to wear with a short blonde haircut, remember that softer colors look particularly beautiful with light hair. Coral or raspberry red lipstick and beige or pink eye shadow are excellent choices. If you have a lighter skin tone, try to opt for some blusher to ensure your blonde hair doesn’t wash you out. Those with darker colored skin should amp up the warmth and strive for that glowing summer look with bronzer and highlighter on the cheekbones.


In terms of fashion, the sky is the limit as most colors look great with blonde hair. Warm tones like brown, red, beige, and yellow look particularly classy with golden blonde hair while cool blue, gray, red and turquoise match platinum tones perfectly.