Woman with her hair done up in a banana updo hairstyle
Hair Styling | Banana Updo

The Banana Clip Hair Accessory: Get Creative with New Styles


Other than bobby pins, scrunchies, and hair ties, you might not think that there is much left to help secure your hair. Well, don’t forget about plastic banana clip hair accessories! Popular in the late 80s and early 90s, banana clips were all the rage and allowed those with long hair to create fashionable updos, as well as cool ponytail hairstyles. These are simply hair clips that slightly resemble the long shape of a banana, which can be found online or in some drugstores. They come in many different colors, so it’s often best to pick one that matches your own hair shade.


Red-haired woman making a ponytail

Collect your hair into a ponytail

Because the options are so varied when using a banana hair clip, the styles are particularly suitable for formal events like weddings, theater visits, or even a special dinner party. However, using this type of clip to style your hair is also suitable for work or simply chilling at home. Using a banana clip takes a bit of practice, but when the results are so good, it’s always worth the effort! Learn a few tips here regarding how the banana hair clip accessory can revolutionize the way you pin up your hair and provide you with new, exciting hairdos.

Useful tools for the banana hair clip

Red-haired woman pushing a banana clip into her hair

Push the banana clip under the ponytail, collecting all the hair

Styling your hair with a banana clip will always work best if your hair at least reaches your shoulders. To maximize the use of the accessory, be sure to use volumizing powder and hairspray if your hair is fine, rather than thick. If you’re styling with a banana clip, hair tools like a wide-toothed comb, a bunch of bobby pins, hairspray and a little hair wax will also help, particularly when styling updos.

Banana hair clip: Styles that work best with the accessory

Back view of woman wearing banana hair clip

Voilà! A banana hair clip hairstyle is super easy to do and looks so chic

  1. For a classic ponytail, first comb your hair thoroughly to remove tangles. Grab your hair at the back, but instead of wrapping a hair tie like you might be used to, open up the banana hair clip, with the jaws placed on either side of the ponytail and the curve of the clip pushing against the base of your head. Push the hair into the middle of the clip and snap the jaws tight around the ponytail in order to hold the hair in place. Smooth out any loose strands or flyaways.
  2. Another way of using the banana clip hair accessory is to try a French braid or your favorite braid hairstyle, then grab the clip and place it underneath the braid. Next, secure the hair in between the clip and close it tightly so that the braid is fixed in place. Bobby pins will also help to secure the braid in place. You can leave the tail of the braid loose and complete the look with a spritz of hairspray.
  3. If you like the idea of an updo, the banana hair clip provides a more different, sophisticated finish than other hair tie options. Once you pull your hair back, hold it against your head while you use bobby pins to hold it in place. Grab the banana clip and gather your hair in the clip, then snap it shut. Using hairspray will also help to give the updo a beautiful look. Feel free to add further accessories, like flowers, feathers, or barrettes for more decoration and a firmer hold.