Woman with chocolate brown hair color
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Chocolate Brown Hair Color That Looks Great On Everyone

Chocolate brown hair color is dark, classic and endlessly flattering for women of all ages and skin tones. Using different dyeing techniques and styles, chocolate hair can take on diverse accents and be adapted to look fuller, shinier, and richer. Dark tones like chocolate hair color are easier to maintain as they require fewer trips to the salon and are excellent at covering up unwanted grays.

Benefits of having chocolate brown hair

Natural brunettes are blessed with all kinds of benefits derived from the properties that dark hair strands possess. These advantages manifest themselves in the thick, luscious, glowing hair that we all associate with chocolate hair color. The main benefits are:


  1.  Strand thickness: Dark hairs are naturally thicker in diameter than lighter ones, meaning that you get more bang for your buck with each strand.
  2. High gloss: Whereas light colored hairs tend to absorb light, dark hairs reflect light straight back out. This results in some serious shine.
  3. High contrast: One of the less talked about facts about dark hair is that it makes your features really stand out through contrast. The dark framing to your face makes your eyes shine, appearing larger than life while slimming the rest of the face.

Chocolate hair color dye: how to get started

Woman with chocolate brown hair color

Beautiful long chocolate brown hair

For those without naturally chocolate brown hair, there is always the option of dyeing it the shade you desire. One of the best things about being a brunette is just how much choice there is. From mocha to espresso, and honey chocolate to raven black, careful use of hair highlights and lowlights bring out the full array of colors that you can pair with chocolate brown hair color.

What shade will suit you?

To find the right kind of chocolate hair color for you, there are a few things to take into consideration. Your skin tone plays arguably the biggest role in deciding the final color you should be aiming for. Below are some basic guidelines to follow when starting out trying to find the right chocolate hair color dye:


Fair skin: For people with very pale skin, there is a choice between opting between a vampy, gothic look or a more natural glow. Pale skin can look incredible with very dark locks, but equally the use of some auburn undertones help provide a healthy-looking shine.


Olive skin: Tanned skinned pairs beautifully with chocolate hair color with highlights. Using ombre hair effects is a great way to introduce a shimmering new tonality into a dark base.


Dark skin: People with dark skin often have naturally very dark hair as well, making it well suited to playing around with different shades of chocolate hair color dye. Warm red tones can be easily blended into the base and offer complementary accents against a darker skin tone.

Is your best chocolate hair color warm or cool?

Edgy chocolate brown hair color

Streetstyle worn with chocolate brown hair

The final things to consider when picking the right color for you concern just how warm and cool you want your hair tone to be. Things that can affect this include eye color and age.


Generally speaking, warm colors work best on older people, as they are less harsh and don’t highlight the perceived imperfections in our skin as clearly. For this reason, some older women choose to stick with glowing highlights and warm amber undertones to ensure they don’t experience the washed out effect that a flat application of chocolate brown color can have. People with green, golden brown, flecked, or hazel eyes will generally also suit these warmer tones as they will have yellow undertones in their skin that pair well with the warm orange hues.


Cool undertones in chocolate brown hair color are perfect for individuals with either very light or very dark eyes, such as dark brown, black, blue, or gray. These people will generally have a blue or pink tint to their skin, which offers a complementary contrast to strong and stark hair colors.

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