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Updos: Beautiful and Sophisticated

Updos are a great way to wear your hair when you want it to look sophisticated, classy, elegant but also practical and out of your face. Hugely popular for weddings and formal events, there are also more casual variations of updo hairstyles you can adapt for day-to-day errands. Here we will take a look at some of the best updo possibilities for all different hair lengths and textures, and give tips on how to style them.

Easy updos for everyone

Although you might think that you would only need to wear an updo for prom, there are in fact so many different occasions in which easy updo hairstyles are the perfect look to go for. Still not convinced? Here are four reasons for giving hair updos a try:


  1. Styling updos is simple and easy. Within minutes, you can completely change your look.
  2. Updos make it possible to wear your hair loose without having to brush your hair out of your face over and over again.
  3. Pulling up your hair into an updo can help show off jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces.
  4. Updo hairstyles make your face appear longer and slimmer. Do you have quite a square or rectangular face shape? If so, consider getting thick side-swept bangs to lessen the impact of a large forehead.

Updo hairstyles for different hair lengths

Braided updos for long hair

Braided updos for long hair look incredible

Once you start playing with different up hairstyles you will probably be hooked. There are countless variations, but styling always starts with the decision as to whether the overall impression should be sleek perfection or casual nonchalance. Finding the right style for your hair length is also imperative.


Updos for long hair

With long hair, you are able to experiment with different kinds of looks. Braid hairstyles are the most popular type of long hair updos, with different kinds of braiding techniques and plenty of options for accessorizing available. Fishtail braids, French braids and reverse braids all make for a gorgeous effect in the hair while reliably securing all away from your face.

Updo hairstyles

Simple but elegant updo hairstyle

Updos for medium hair

Medium hair is perfect for wearing updo hairstyles as it retains enough length to be inventive while not being so long that the amount of hair can become bulky. A low bun, French twist, or simple chignon hairstyle are all perfect as easy updos for medium hair.


Updos for short hair

If your hair isn’t long enough to all be neatly pulled back on your head, then short hair updos are the perfect answer for you. Combining the advantages of elegant updos with the more relaxed styles of half up half down hairstyles you can find the perfect creative solution for your hair length. A great way to make any updo for short hair really stand out is with some stunning hair accessories, such as a sparkled headband.

Top styling tips for updos

Elegant updo look

Face-framing strands complete an updo

Give your updo greater volume by teasing the hair at the crown of your head and in the upper back section. You can apply hairspray to the teased hair to ensure it maintains its volume and keeps flyaway strands at bay. Finally, use your fingers, a tail comb or brush to shape your hair into the finish you want and pin it up. At this stage you should not comb or brush your hair.


There are many different ways to pin up the hair. Bobby pins, slides, hair grips or crossed hair pins . are best suited – these are especially good for thin hair. If you use a small band to hold your gathered hair, you may choose to pull out a thin section of hair and wrap it around the band in order to hide the appearance of it and offer a smooth and complete finish.

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