Woman with a pixie cut  hairstyle
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The Pixie Cut – Short and Expressive

Short, bold, and daring – the pixie cut has always been one of the most pioneering styles out there. Although the look comes in all manner of different shapes and sizes, pixie haircuts for women typically have very short sides and a tapered back with longer bangs at the front. With no sweeping layers to hide behind, pixie hairstyles put your facial features at the center of attention.

A short history of pixie haircuts

Twiggy with a pixie cut

Twiggy's pixie cut became an iconic look of the 60s

The pixie cut first came to prominence in the early 1920s during the Jazz Age and with the rise of the flapper style. Women would typically cut their hair very short, to chin length, and then use various heat tools and styling gels to set the hair into waves along the head. Figures such as Louise Brooks and Clara Bow were early pioneers of the style and paved the way for future generations of women to experiment with ultra short haircuts that were previously considered unfeminine.


It was in the 1950s that the pixie cut truly emerged as the style we recognize today, as Audrey Hepburn made the look iconic with her landmark roles in films such as Roman Holiday and Sabrina. By the following decade, short pixie cuts were seen on fashion models and actresses everywhere, adopted by Twiggy, Goldie Hawn, and Mia Farrow.

Finding the right pixie cut

No matter your hair type or face shape, there is a pixie cut out there for you. To assess your face shape, look in a mirror and draw around the edge of your face in the reflection. When you look at this outline you should then we able to more clearly see whether your face is predominantly round, oval, or square. 


Pixie haircuts for round faces: People with round faces should generally opt for long pixie cut styles that help to elongate their face. Longer bangs at the front that can be swept to the side help to add some angularity and definition to your overall look.


The best styles for oval faces: Oval faces are ideal for pixie haircuts, meaning you can pretty much choose any that you like. Think about which of your facial features you would like to bring out the most, and tailor your decision to this: for instance, whether you want to show off your eyes or jaw line.  


Pixie cut looks for square faces: On the whole, square faces suit wispy styles with lots of soft layers. Consequently, short pixie hairstyles work well when paired with longer bangs or a few strands at the sides for added texture.

Styling a pixie haircut

Delicate pixie cut

Wear hair accessories with your pixie cut for a softer look

As the hair is kept short and tapered to the neck with a pixie cut, the look remains quite easy to care for and style. As long as you keep it regularly trimmed, the shape will continue to have its dramatic effect. For best results, simply allow your hair to air-dry or, if you are in a rush, blow-dry it briefly on a cool setting. Use your fingers to then work a trace of styling gel or hair mousse through your hair to create more structure and ensure fine hairs don’t stray out of place. If you want your bangs to sit heavy and uniform below your brows then blow-dry them with a round brush, alternatively use a little extra gel to feather the strands sparsely across the forehead.