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How To Create Perfect Curly Hairstyles

Whether you prefer a classic, sophisticated, or trendy hairstyle, you can definitely rock curls. No matter where you look, you can find amazing curly haircuts on the streets of every major city and stylish, glamorous celebrities like Beyoncé, Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rita Ora. Below, you’ll find the most important rules for creating easy curly hairstyles, which will ensure that you get a perfect result every time!

Hairstyles with curls – nature does it best!

Curly Hair

Stunningly natural curly hair

There are many people out there who have dreamt of having the perfect curly hairstyle, yet come away from the hair salon without the look they wanted. Fortunately, obtaining soft wavy hair can be done at home and is easily DIY if you know the tips and tricks for creating great hairstyles for curly hair. Using modern techniques and products, your hair can be transformed from straight and lifeless into an easy curly hairstyle which will turn heads and earn you many compliments. If you've managed to find a hair stylist who can make your hair dreams come true, then lucky you! But if not, don't despair, simply discover the many easy ways you can achieve a curly hairstyle which will look fantastic.

Curly haircuts with perms

Woman with amazing curly haircut

Big thick curls look incredible with the help of a perm

Permed hair is definitely having a comeback. New formulations with sugar derivatives or amino acids can form much softer ringlets as well as corkscrew curls, allowing for curly hairstyles that don’t have to be so harsh on the hair. However, there's never a "quick fix" method to create easy-flowing generous waves – you have to put in a bit of effort! For any great curly hair idea, straight hair must be rolled relatively tight on small perm rollers (less than 0.8 inches in diameter) to achieve a strong “S” shape. When dry, this will always create curls rather than soft waves. To turn tightly permed locks into soft flowing curly hairstyles, you can roll the hair on larger hair curlers or blow-dry it over a large round brush.

Yes to curly hairstyles; no to the use of chemicals

If you're after a hairstyle with curls today but would prefer straight hair tomorrow, then you should opt for the following temporary solutions:


  • Rollers
  • Flexi rods
  • Curling iron
  • Velcro rollers

Velcro rollers are particularly convenient because they stay in the hair without additional fasteners and are suitable for short curly haircuts as well as for creating thicker, long curly hairstyles. Commercially available Velcro-rollers come in many diameters, from around half an inch to three inches. You can use them to create small curls or opulent waves for a great-looking hairstyle. Heated rollers with velvet surfaces are another option: they are simply heated in a loading station, rolled into the hair, and then fastened with clips. Once they have cooled down, it will result in an effortless and easy curly hairstyle. Flexi rods consist of bendable foam and are ideally suited for the creation of corkscrew curls and smaller ringlets. Curls of any size, from soft waves to the tight ringlets can be created with the help of a curling iron.