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Men’s Undercut: A Look That Has It All

Masculine, striking and very trendy – the men’s undercut hairstyle is asserting itself as the ‘it’ look. For this style, the hair is trimmed short all around, from the bottom to the temples, and left a lot longer on the crown. If you’re after a new style which is both striking and very trendy, then the undercut hairstyle for men is definitely the ‘it’ look for you. We show you which versions of the trendy style are especially popular right now.  

The men’s undercut: a versatile look

Slick mens undercut

The undercut for men is one of the hottest looks right now

Compared to other men’s haircuts, an undercut is wonderfully versatile – slicked back, left messy, or tied up in a bun—it should come as no real surprise that the undercut for men is so heavily talked about in recent years. Available to be worn with short or long hair, the style suits many hair colors and types. Whether you want the shaved part to have a sharp edge or more of a transition will depend on how noticeable you want the look to be.


What type of undercut men should get will likely depend on their face shape. For those with an oblong face, a style that can be slicked back is recommended, but just don’t choose anything with too much height. Men with round faces can rock a pompadour or quiff with cropped sides to add some inches on top. Those with oval faces generally have the luxury of trying out any male undercut!


Men’s undercuts come in many different forms, so here are some that are arguably the hottest right now.

The New Wave

Undercut for men

Curled undercut as seen on the runway

With this fairly new style, the extra-long curly hair on top extends past the eyebrows. The sides are roughly one to two centimeters short. If you use our göt2b Phenomenal Fiber Cream and a blow-dryer to give the look an extra volume kick, then you’ve got a much bolder and more exciting look. Countless cool styles can be created with göt2b glued line wax in next to no time. You can choose to have your hair wildly tousled, curly with a fringe, or slicked back with gel for a classy look – this undercut hairstyle for men is perfect for anyone who loves variety.


Hint: For a completely new looking undercut, men can form a part and comb the long hair on top to the side instead of the front. The short sections are now deftly covered this way for a small update to the undercut.

Undercut hair for men: Smooth transition

The undercut hairstyle for men not only works with a hard edge and high contrast, but also with much subtler transitions. A gentle fade will reveal the softer side of this awesome haircut. You could choose to have designer stubble and your hair to be as one, joined at the temples with closely shorn sides.

Undercut for men: Short & tidy

While certainly not for everyone, one variation of the men’s undercut that’s trending is a unique modern monk style! This extremely clean and tidy look is probably the easiest to care for when it comes to short undercuts for men. The hair is cut along a circular line on the crown (about one-centimeter long) with the sides trimmed as short as possible. The effect is modern, minimalist and quite extraordinary.

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