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Bun Hairstyles: From Casual to Elegant

The bun is one of the most adaptable ways to wear hair. Whether you pull it back into a clean twisted style or wear it messy and high on top of your head, there are no shortage of options when it comes to different bun styles. Here we take a look at a few of the most beloved bun hairstyles of bloggers, celebrities, influencers and women around the world. Find out more about how this one style can be simple, practical and stylish all at once.

Why are bun hairstyles so popular?

Wearing a bun is wonderfully uncomplicated; simply gather your hair back and fasten it. Of course, this only describes the process of creating a quick messy bun hairstyle, although even for more sleek looks the premise remains the same. Here are a few reasons why easy bun hairstyles will never go out of fashion:


  • Buns are extremely versatile and can be styled as desired. Twirled up and slicked back or left loose with face-framing pieces at the front, this look can be adapted as you require.
  • It makes us taller (yes, every inch counts!), lengthens the neck and thus has a slimming effect.
  • Curls, waves, straight hair? No matter, bun hairstyles work with any length and texture of hair.
  • Buns are possibly the easiest hairdos in the world? Just a few steps and you’re done!

The trendiest bun hairstyles right now

Space bun hairstyle

Throwback space buns are a big look right now

Recently we have seen just about every influencer and celebrity stepping out in some kind of cool hair bun style. It makes sense – there’s a style to suit everyone, from buns for short hair to buns for long hair. Looking for some style inspiration? These are a few of our favorite looks right now:


Space buns

Having first achieved popularity in the 90s and becoming a fixed part of rave culture, recently we have seen a resurgence of girls wearing space buns. Worn high up on either side of the head or low at the back of the head, this is a great style of bun for short hair. For an even more standout look, pair your space buns with pastel hair.

Tightly held bun hairstyle

A high bun hairstyle draws attention to your face

Side buns

Side bun hairstyles are elegant, romantic and serve as a great option when you want to look nice but have no time for more elaborate styling. You can incorporate braiding or accessories to give your side bun some extra flair or keep the look clean and sleek. This style is great for the office or heading out to dinner, although be wary of pairing it with heavy bangs as it can unbalance the face.


High buns/ top knot

The top knot is probably the hottest bun hair trend right now. Why? Well it suits pretty much everyone: long hair, short hair, curly, straight, both with and without bangs. What’s more, you don’t need much product to keep it looking fresh and it can be tightly enough secured that it won’t budge all day. What more could a busy girl ask for?

High bun hairstyle instructions

So you want to try this fabulous high bun hairstyle? No sweat, you can create the look yourself in just five simple steps!


 What you need: Dry shampoo, hairbrush, 2 hair ties, hair clips and hair spray


  1. For added grip and extra hold, first work some dry shampoo into your hairline.
  2. Comb the hair over your head with a brush into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
  3. Twirl the ponytail until it nestles around the hair tie like a chignon almost on its own.
  4. Take another hair tie and wrap it around the knot.
  5. Then secure the high bun with hairspray and you are done!