Model wears long bob hairstyle with waves
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Five Ways To Style A Long Bob

By now, it’s apparent to anyone keeping track of hair trends that the lob haircut (a long bob that can hit anywhere from your shoulder to your collarbone) isn’t going anywhere. Season after season, the lob has proven to be one of the chicest and most sophisticated haircuts, and part of its staying power is that it's a style that works for a low maintenance life. Bob hairstyles are versatile, easy to style, and timeless: check out our five favorite ways to wear it long.

Sleek and polished

When opting for a straight long bob haircut, you might want it to appear silky and polished without being boring and flat. To get this look, start by washing your hair with a straightening shampoo. Next, blow dry your hair straight using a medium-size round brush, then smooth it out with a flat iron. Finish by using hairspray through your mid-lengths and ends for extra sheen.

Side-swept waves

Get the loose long bob effect

Loose waves look great on a long bob

A messy side-swept wave is one of the ultimate cool long bob hairstyles. Start by twisting sections of your hair with your hands before wrapping random parts loosely around a one-inch curling iron. Make sure to wrap the hair in different directions so there's a bit of irregularity to it. Creating a rough and natural side parting by moving a large section of hair over to one side gives the illusion of fullness. The positioning here is crucial for the lob haircut. Use the arch of your brow as a guide for where you want to flip your hair over. Then place the other side behind your ear for a casual chic effect. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray for long-lasting style.

Rumpled texture

This laid-back look is one of our favorite ways to rock a long bob haircut. Not quite wavy but definitely not straight, it has a windswept, easy texture. Firstly, divide your hair into two to three sections depending on how thick or thin your hair is. Next, braid each section and then run the flat iron over the braids slowly. As soon as you take the braids out, use some hairspray to ensure the rumpled texture stays in place.

With bangs

If you have an angular or heart-shaped face, bangs are a great way to frame it. There are various possibilities for short hair with bangs, but some standout styles for long bobs in particular include the tousled lob with messy side-swept bangs or short and straight-cut bangs that reach just one third of the way down your forehead.


Wear your long bob half up

Long bobs let you casually tie some of the hair up

The half-up trend works with just about any hair length, and the long bob haircut is no exception. Pull your hair back from about two inches above your ear. To create natural-looking “S” shaped waves, wrap your hair section by section around the barrel of the curling iron in a downward spiral while holding the tool vertically to your face – try to avoid letting hair overlap as you wrap it.


The ever-chic lob hair isn’t going away, so keep it looking fresh with your favorite products along with these five trendy ways to style it.