The short bob is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the moment
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Short Bobs to Match any Style or Event

The bob comes in many shapes and sizes, and has been a mainstream hairstyle since it became fashionable in the 1920s – and with good reason. It's a hairstyle with so many variations that it's almost impossible to find a cut that doesn't suit you, regardless of your individual style and personality. And while the bob is already shorter compared to many other hairstyles, in recent years the short bob has become a staple that many women have adopted. Whether it's a short layered bob or something more asymmetrical, the short bob is a timeless look that can constantly be reinvented.

The Shingled Short Bob

One of the more sharper and angled short bob hairstyles available, the shingled bob is ideal for framing the face and highlighting prominent facial features. The hair is cut very short and tapered at the back, while the hair on both sides in formed into two curls which are directed forward. To keep it in place apply hairspray right at the end of the styling process.

The Inverted Short Bob

This short bob variant leaves the hair in the front slightly longer while the hair on the sides tapers back towards an exposed neckline at the back of the head. Short at the back and long in the front, this is a stylish twist on the typical bob cut.

Short Bob with Bangs

Short bob haircuts are increasingly popular with all women

A fashionably close-cropped short bob

A variation on the A-line bob which curls under the chin, this short bob supplements the classic style with straight bangs that end above the eyebrows. The look is very modern and suitable for those with straight hair. It's also simple, textured and fuss-free, meaning you can look good without too much hassle in the mornings – just apply a little bit of styling mousse for some hold, and you're good to go!