Woman with trendy blunt bob
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Blunt Bobs Are Sharp & Sophisticated

There are practically 1001 bob hairstyles out there, and every season a different one steps forward to steal the limelight. Right now, blunt bobs are having their moment and every celebrity and influencer is racing to get one cut in. So what’s this new trend all about? We’ll take a look at the key features of any blunt bob hairstyle and see the different coloring and styling opportunities it offers.

What is a blunt end haircut?

A blunt bob looks great

Short and attention-grabbing blunt bob

When hair is cut bluntly it means it has been cut straight across with no softening layers blended in. This creates a precise and uniform line to the end of the hair and removes the naturally tapering thinner ends of the hair, also thereby making the overall appearance thicker, healthier and more robust.


Blunt bobs are typically cut just below the jaw, but equally they can often be cut up to an inch above it for a more dramatic short blunt bob effect.


This is a great haircut for people with:


  • Square faces
  • Round faces
  • Thin hair


Blunt bob hairstyles help to enhance your natural beauty by highlighting your cheek bones and jawline, while gently framing your face with naturally slimming effects. What’s more, blunt bobs for fine hair have become enormously popular on account of the lift and volume they can give to naturally thin or limp hair.  

Top styling ideas for blunt bobs

One of the reasons for the popularity of blunt bob hairstyles is just how much variety they offer. Whether you want to experiment with different colors or just explore some new styling tricks, a blunt bob is the perfect base on which to work. These are our top three recommended ways to brighten up your new blunt cut look.

Ombre and creative coloring

Colored blunt bob

Get creative with coloring your blunt bob

As everyone who’s anyone knows by now, ombre hair is the color trend that has swept the world and defined cool girl hair. Offering you the chance to wear two colors at once, ombre can be as edgy or subtle as you choose. Adding an ombre color effect to blunt end haircuts is a great way to show off the dramatic color change. Experiment with all kinds of creative color changes or stick to a classic brunette and blonde combination, as they will all look great on this look.

Add bangs

There’s cookies with milk, cheese with wine, cake with ice cream, and then there’s blunt bobs with bangs. This pairing is so great it’s no wonder it has become one of the go-to looks for almost every style queen out there. Worn tousled and casual, a blunt bob with bangs is an instant hit for seeing friends for lunch or going out shopping. Channeling the blunt cut trend, bangs help to soften the look and frame the face. For a sleeker and more professional appearance, simply reach for the flat irons and slick the hair down into a smooth finish.

Get a glassy shine

The biggest trend in Hollywood right now is glass hair and it’s all about high-impact shine. A blunt bob is one of the best cuts to demonstrate this glossy finish, and the lack of layers help emphasize the glassy, mirror-like effect of the finish. For maximum impact, we recommend opting for a longer blunt bob cut that falls a little below your jawline.