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All You Need to Know About Ombré Hair

Ombré is a hair coloring technique that has been around for some years now. Celebrities were among the first to adopt the ombré hair color trend, but it has long since become a staple for all fashion-forward types. Able to offer an incredibly natural and textured effect when applied subtly, or to give a high impact and head-turning effect in combination with striking colors, the ombré technique can be used in whichever way you like. Here we will take a closer look at what ombré hair is and offer tips on how you can achieve the look at home.


What is ombré?

Cool looking woman with ombré hair against a red garage door

Here it's quite clear which two colors the model has chosen for her ombré look

Ombré hair is similar to the popular dip-dye hair trend, but rather than having the hair abruptly change color midway between roots and ends, ombré hair gradually transitions between shades. Starting at ear level, the color usually changes from dark to lighter shades, for instance, transitioning from brunette to blonde, but the technique can be used with any colors. Ombré is the ideal solution if you want to spice up your look without a complete overhaul. Ombré color play can help give a new appeal to beach waves, while giving extra impact to lowlights. Although these hairstyles may seem complex, they are in fact quite low maintenance; because the color fades from dark to light, it’s fine for your roots to grow out for a while before you need to recolor.

Who is ombré hair suitable for?

Ombré hair can look either highly natural or deliberately salon-created. Consequently, it can be adapted to suit most women and styles, especially since the shades will likely include your natural hair color. For natural looks, ombré mimics the new growth of color-treated hair, so frequent color touch-ups are unnecessary. What’s more, the lighter ends of ombré hair look as if they are bleached by the sun—perfect for a summery vibe!

Inspiration: Ombré for short hair

Although ombré hair coloring first found fame on longer locks, women everywhere have been adopting the technique to bring some serious sass to their short hairstyles. From textured lobs to quirky pixie looks, short ombré hair can be presented in a number of different ways and in a gorgeous array of styles. Although many women choose to go for a beachy, textured effect, ombré curly hair can look incredible too. Keep the curls tight and close to the end to let the color change wow. Equally, ombré is perfectly shown off to full effect on a short blunt bob.

How to ombré hair

Woman in oversized shirt with ombré hair

Ombré hair can be done at home - just read our tips

For anyone looking to DIY ombré hair, you should first be aware of a few things. Part of the allure of the ombré technique is the way in which the colors blur and fade from one to the other. To achieve this at home can be quite complex – especially at the back of your head! Consequently, for newcomers to hair coloring we would recommend experimenting with a color spray first to see how you like the effect, like with göt2b®’s Metallics in Blue Mercury. Alternatively, dip dye hair for a striking result that doesn’t require the same level of finesse as ombré. Grab a striking color like göt2b® Metallics Dark Ruby and apply to just half of your hair. Let it sit as long as necessary to achieve the depth of hue you would like, before rinsing.

Ready to dive in? Follow these steps for a beautiful ombré effect at home:

  1. Decide what color you want your ombré hair and where the fade should stop. Tip: A lighter shade than your natural color and coming up to the jawline is a good rule of thumb.
  2. Prepare by brushing your hair thoroughly, wearing an old shirt and putting on gloves. Don’t forget the gloves—you’ll need them to protect your hands from the dye or bleach!
  3. Divide your hair into sections, securing them with a hair tie, and begin applying bleach to the strands with a small brush. Apply carefully and evenly, working your way up to your desired fade line.
  4. Let the bleach sit for 10-45 minutes (the longer you wait, the lighter the effect) and rinse with warm water.
  5. After drying your hair, tie it into sections once again and put your gloves back on.
  6. Apply the hair dye to your strands, carefully following the instructions that came with your dye. Leave the dye in for the recommended time.
  7. Finally, rinse out the dye and you’re good to go!