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Scandi Blonde Hair: All You Need to Know About this Hair Color Trend


The Scandinavians are trendsetters and pioneers of Nordic nonchalance. No wonder that the Scandi blonde color trend is currently spreading at lightning speed to our latitudes. We present the new “it” blonde.


The name pretty much tells you all you need to know: Scandi blonde mimics the natural blonde mane of Scandinavian women. Of course, most of us aren’t blessed with this light blonde hair color – but where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can even get Scandi blonde hair at home.

What makes the Scandi blonde hair color so desirable?

Woman with long scandi blonde hair
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Scandi: the natural blonde color

The Scandi blonde color is one thing, above all: natural. In contrast to the cool platinum blonde, Scandi blonde hair dye has warmer undertones and often comes along with carefully placed highlights. These lighter strands can be placed to frame the face, on top, or from the middle to the ends, depending on what look you’re going for. It’s only important that they aren’t significantly lighter, but that they subtly and naturally stand out from the basic color.


In contrast to colorful hair dye trends like pastel hair, Scandi blonde hair matches every outfit or make-up. And while it especially suits those with lighter skin tones with cool undertones and light eyes, those with other skin tones shouldn’t shy away from trying out this statement color. Regardless, the nuances in the blonde dye should always be adjusted to the person’s skin tone, with warmer or cooler undertones as needed.

How to get Scandi blonde hair

In love with this color trend and want to lighten your hair? It’s also possible to do it at home as long as you pick the right products for your hair needs. If your hair is naturally light to dirty blonde, we recommend the Color Ultîme® 9 ½ Light Natural Blonde, as it copies the Scandi blonde color perfectly. If you’re satisfied with the base of your hair color, and simply want highlights, try applying a balayage treatment.

How to care for and style Scandi blonde hair

Woman with long scandi blonde hair and wearing a bobble hat
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Don't worry: scandi blonde suits any length of hair!

Freshly bleached hair requires an extra helping of care, and it should be pampered with special products. Dramatic hair lightening processes strip the hair of its keratin layer and can lead to breakage and frizz, as well as make it dull and brittle. After the first shampoo with your freshly dyed Scandi blonde hair, treat your hair to the Gliss® Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask for deep restoration of the hair’s structure and to replenish your hair’s lost keratin. Scandi blonde hair does come with the risk that it takes on a yellow-orange tint, which is why it’s important to follow a bleached hair care regimen.


Whether bob, shoulder-length, or super long: Scandi blonde hair suits any hair length. This trending hair color should be worn casually and shouldn’t be styled too much. Styles like loose braids, soft waves, or bedhead looks are ideal to make the cool blonde look even more Nordic.