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Ash Brown Hair: An Updated Look For A Classic Color

If you're looking to get onboard one of the hottest hair trends to hit social media in recent years, then start by discovering all about ash brown hair color. Sometimes called mushroom brown hair, the color is a gorgeous mixture of silver highlights mixed with classic brown hair. While some hair trends are all about being as visible and bright as possible, ash brown is subtle and understated, yet no less eye-catching.

Who is this trend for?

Woman with ash brown hair

Ash brown hair looks cool, relaxed and on trend

Ash brown hair dye usually suits those with cool skin undertones, and the best time to try it out is usually the start of spring, as the warm rays from the sun will make the silver tones appear far more striking and will really make them pop. This smoky shade of brown could be seen as a mid-step between brunette and blonde, but the overall look is classy, professional, but with a hint of edge to it. This is just one of many great hair color ideas for brunettes!


For those seeking a bit more variety when it’s time for a hair change, then why not try ash brown hair balayage? The seamless blend of darker on top to lighter at the ends looks absolutely stunning in ash brown, as it's high contrast and low maintenance. Those who say brown hair is boring are completely wrong! Due to the variety of the mushroom brown hair trend, you can opt for different looks, including ash bronde, soft blending, sunkissed, warmer base, beige face framing, blended bob, silver ashy ombre or even ashy beige.

Finding the right ash brown hair color for you

We think the shade fits great for those with light brown hair, but naturally, if your hair is a deep shade of brown or black, then we'd recommend bleaching your hair first in order to get the perfect ash brown hair color. Of course, if you know how to dye your hair at home, then you can easily get salon-like results and the entire process can be finished easily with a DIY kit. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully! Celebs like Tyra Banks, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba have all tried out the ash brown hair trend, so why don't you as well!