Hair Color | Bronde

Honey Brown Hair For A Hollywood Look

Fall is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about shedding your summer look for a cooler, crisper version to compliment the season. Celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins, who styles some of the biggest names in Hollywood, brings us the hottest hair colors straight from the runways and red carpets that are trending for fall.

It's not blonde, it's not brunette. It's somewhere in between. Move over ombre, Collins says this season is all about bronde. The key to achieving this look is to have lots of your natural base color showing through, so Collins advises asking your stylist to recommend the tones that suit your eye and skin tone while looking at the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde. By incorporating subtle shimmers of a lighter shade they will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture, making sure the most complimentary shade is placed around your face. Collins recommends trying a lighter brown shade of the Schwarzkopf color ULTIME line such as 6.7 Golden Honey Brown or 7.0 Dark Blonde for vibrant, long lasting color for the whole season. Plus, these are low maintenance colors which means fewer dye applications for upkeep.


This season is also seeing metallic highlights as an official hair trend. The technique weaves in metallic-toned strands to brighten the overall look and give it a sheen. Instead of the result of typical, chunky highlights, Collins says your hair will appear warmed-up and radiant. Rose gold will add a romantic warmth to blondes and redheads. This shade particularly plays up porcelain skin and light eyes. A rich copper with hints of brown will literally glow and make every eye color pop, as well as brightening up your look. Brunettes seeking an instant face brightener should ask their colorist for bronze highlights. And Collins says those with naturally darker locks who want to go blonde should warm and lighten their hair with gold accents.


Finally, piggybacking off last season’s balayage trend, a free formed version of ombre where the accent colors are more blended at different heights, Collins says we’re seeing another similar technique that is sure to be everywhere in 2015: ecaille (the French word for tortoiseshell). This blended look consisting of golden highlights paired with rich caramel tones is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural color paired with golden highlights. Ecaille, which Collins says began trending in Paris, tends to be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. Consider it a much more sophisticated version of the ombre we know and love. Incorporate some balayage highlights on top of this rich shade and Collins says you’ve got a multidimensional, bombshell look.


Remember once you’ve colored your hair, it’s important to maintain it with the right products. Hair color can make hair more porous, which causes it to absorb and release moisture more easily. This can cause loss of color every time your hair gets wet, so try not to shampoo every day. Collins recommends using Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture Luxe Fresh Up Dry Shampoo in between regular washings. And when you do wash, it’s important to keep as much moisture in your hair as possible so make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair. Collins’ favorite line for keeping color-treated tresses looking shiny and vibrant is Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color & Radiance. So grab your Schwarzkopf hair care products and head to the salon for your fall 2015 makeover!