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Latina Hair – Embrace The Beauty

latina smiling into the camera
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September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage month in the United States! The Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America.

The celebrations may only last a month, but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your Latino heritage for the rest of the year! So in order to honor the fact, we thought we’d have a look at Latina hair care and show you tips to get your hair at its very best.

Types of Latina hair

Before we get started, it’s important to know that there isn’t just one type of hair that is defined as Latina. Latina hair can be found in all different forms - straight, wavy, curly, etc. because women of Latina descent come from all over the world and that’s why their gorgeous hair comes in an array of various types and textures.

We’ve put together some tips on how to care for many different types of hair, which haircut can suit you best, and also explain what problems certain Latina hair types are prone to. Which hair type are you?

Wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, the last thing you want is for your waves to hang lifelessly, so in order to keep your waves perfectly bouncy, make sure you use hydrating care products such as göt2b® Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream, which helps nourish hair for moisturized waves.

When it comes to the best haircut for wavy hair types, it makes sense to pick a style that highlights the waves’ natural look and texture, which is why a style lower than your chin is your best bet so you can make the most of your waves.

Straight hair

Straight hair can sometimes look flat so the best course of action is to use shampoo and conditioner that add volume and thickness to your locks. Extra volume, however, doesn’t necessarily mean extra moisture so your hair could benefit from hair oil to top up its moisture content. Your hair tries to keep itself moisturized - that’s why our hair follicles produce sebum, a natural oil meant to travel down the hair shaft and keep hair healthy and hydrated. Sometimes our hair doesn’t produce enough of its own sebum, which is why a good hair oil supplements your natural sebum, providing the protection and moisture that your hair craves.

A haircut with layers is a great idea for those with straight hair since the layers provide your hair with more movement and give the illusion of thicker hair.


Curly hair


Curly hair can be a bit challenging to maintain because of its tendency to become dry. Washing your hair once or twice a week can help to combat this dryness as well as using shampoos and conditioners that are created specifically for curly hair. A styling product such as göt2b® Volumaniac™ Bodifying Mousse will also help protect hair from drying out while providing dramatic volume and medium hold.


To untangle curly hair, it’s best to comb it while it’s still wet as the knots will come out a lot easier. When it comes to a haircut, make sure you don’t texturize the ends as this can leave your hair looking frizzy.

Tips for Latina hair care and color

You might know what type of hair you have, but you can never have too many hair tips. We’ve put together some key Latina hair care tips so read on and make the most of your gorgeous hair.

Don’t wash your hair too often

During the summer months can be super hot, so it’s normal to want to wash your hair every day to keep it clean (especially if it’s thick), but you could be doing more harm than good. Washing too often can actually dry out your hair so it’s recommended that you wash it every two days. If you really have to wash it every day then skip the shampoo every second day and just use conditioner.

woman shampooing her hair
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Keep your skin tone in mind when coloring your hair

There are different undertones in your skin so although a certain hair color might look fabulous on your best friend, it might not work for you. If gold suits your skin color the best, stick with warm tones, ranging from golden blonde to chestnut such as Keratin Color 5.75 Medium Copper Brown. If silver is a better match, opt for cool undertones such as cool blonde or espresso brown, for example Keratin Color 3.0 Espresso.

Use heat protectant spray

Protecting your hair from the heat is of utmost importance. If you're using hot tools on a regular basis, make sure you're applying a heat protector to damp hair before you blow-dry and style it. This helps prevent damage and breakage and means you don’t have to go to the salon as frequently for trims.

Don’t just accept humidity hair

Many Latinas have thick hair, which turns out to be not so fun in the summer when humidity decides to make an unwanted appearance. Great styling products can help, for example, göt2b® Defiant Shine Pomade, which provides light hold with high shine. You can choose whether to apply it to dry or damp hair. It will leave your hair looking moisturized and hydrated. Another option is to slip on a tubi after a blowout( to make the blowout last longer.

  • Keratin Color
    3.0 Espresso
  • Keratin Color
    4.5 Medium Golden Brown
  • Keratin Color
    6.0 Delicate Praline
  • Keratin Color
    7.5 Caramel Blonde
  • göt2b®
    Defiant Shine Pomade
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