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Our choices of hairstyles and clothing express how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. They are also a way to identify with our peers. Looks come and go, while some are pronounced dead for many years just to march on to a rousing comeback. We show you some of today’s best re-emerged and new hair trends.

Hair Colour Trends – Daring and Delightful

Our grandmothers conformed to norms. Today’s young and daring hairstyle trends for women are designed to break the norms with two-tone, pastel, bright or outright unusual hair color schemes.

Exercising your freedom of choice is the hair coloring motto of our time. Wild streaks, uniform color, natural or not so natural colors; we no longer accept limits to our creativity. Of course, it helps to select a hair color which best expresses our individual complexions and styles. Hair color greatly influences how our style feels and is perceived by others. Platinum blonde turns heads while golden brown hair can be styled to look young and vibrant. If you fancy one or more shades of pastel or brightly colored hair, go for it! One or more natural colors in various patterns are also intriguing choices. Yesteryear’s head-turning exceptions are today’s trendy hairstyles.

The Natural and the Bright about Hair Colour Trends

Hairstyle Trends: Short Hairstyles are here to Stay

Taking a pair of scissors to long hair is easy but the decision to do so is not quite as easy. What if you made the wrong choice? Take heart! Your first look in the mirror with a short boy cut may be unexpectedly uplifting. Not so long ago, powerful authorities cut women’s long hair short to shame them. Today, it signals women’s freedom of choice. Short hair is uncomplicated yet stylish. Simple short hairstyles turn as many heads as elaborately styled long hair.

Short Hairstyles Have Gone Mainstream

Timeless Chic: The Geo Haircut

Blog Watch: The Mop Top is Back

Women`s Short Haircuts from Soft to Spiky

Wild and Tousled Short Hair Styles

Michelle Williams’ Short Hair

Evan Rachel Wood and Her Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle Voting: Boy Cut



Hairstyle Trends – Sleek Hair or Curls

Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel prefer the sleek and wet look while Mary-Kate Olsen likes to wear curls. The looks are certainly in style today yet they are also adapted to the styles and images of the women who wear them. Leave some room for creativity and use combinations of style elements to your advantage. Most hairstyles come in sleek and curly versions. Right is what fits your style.

Trendy Hairstyles in Sleek or Curly

Trendy Styling Gel Hair Styles

Hair Oil Enhance Summer Hairstyles

Sleek and Sexy Wet Looking Hairstyles

Cool Beach Waves on Hot Days

Izabel Goulart Wearing Glamour Curls

Air Waves like Cindy Crawford

Katie Holmes’ Gorgeous Long Curls



Trendy Hairstyles with a Personal Touch

In the evening, your hair appears to be short, and the next morning it is long again. The faux bob makes it possible. The long hair is simply folded under for the short bob. By contrast, the undercut combines long and short hairstyle elements. Alice Dellal shaved her hair on one side of her head. This hairstyle may not make the list of trends because it attracts surprised looks. Alice Dellal shows how to pull off this look with grace and charm.

Trendy Hairstyles with Character

Faux Bob – Mock Undercut Combination

Nikki Reed’s Faux Bob

Carrying Off the Undercut

The Faux Bob

The Extremely Handsome Undercut



Beautiful Hairstyle Classics

Hair trends
Some trends will resurface over and again because they have so much appeal. This is certainly true for these rolled, undone, and braided hairstyles

The common feature of recurring trends is their versatility. Hair rolls and braids can be styled in many ways, and they can be combined with many other hairstyle elements. Women can go from undone to an artfully braided, elegant updo in a matter of a few minutes. Happily, this means endless choices for modern women. Few hairstyles are considered unsuitable for the parlour. Besides, it is also your choice of parlour.

Always Trendy: Beautiful Classic Hairstyles

This Month’s Hairstyles of Stars: Braided Hair

Undone Look: Casual and Classy

Popular Hairstyles with a Twist

Kate Mara’s Asymmetrical Semi-Updo

The New Braided Hairstyles

Blog Trends: Braided Hairstyles

Creating Retro Hair Rolls



Exceptional Hairstyles

Hair trends

Do you admire the looks of women who made even their hairstyles part of the fighting spirit in WWII (like Victory rolls for example)? Today’s styling aids make it easy to create the necessary large waves, quiffs, and rolls. The Hollywood look is closer to your style? Finger waves are back in style! You may like to give this appealing hairstyle a try. Your friends will admire your style and creativity.

Left: Model Summer Rayne Oakes rolled her hair into this unusual retro hairstyle.

Express Your Style with an Exceptional Hairdo

Petra Nemcova Sweeps Her Hair Side-Ways

Amy Adams and Her Finger Wave Hairstyle

Finger Wave Hairstyles

Marion Cotillard’s Side-swept Ponytail

January Jones with Quiff

Sixties Hairstyles



Fashion Trends: Accessorise with Hats and Bandanas

Hair accessories are a time honoured way to add a special note to hairstyles, to integrate the hairstyle and attire, or for practical reason. Bandanas and Alice bands work really well in windy weather. They are also eye-catching additions to hairdos and so are embellished hair slides and other accessories. Hats and caps are worn for warmth, fashion, and also to display club emblems or support causes. Of course, hairstyles and head wear must go together.

Aside from Hair Accessories, Women Are Wearing Hats and Caps Again

Hairstyles under Your Trendy Hat

Stick a Feather in Your Hair!

Hair Jewellery for Glamour Now

Blog Trends Puts Blossoms in Your Hair

Hairstyles with Bobby Pins



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