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The Best Hairstyles for Wedding Guests


Attending a wedding is an incredible experience, as you witness two people declare their love in front of all their family and friends. No matter whether it’s relatives or old college friends who are tying the knot, you will undoubtedly want to look your best for their big day. Finding the perfect wedding guest hairstyle will depend upon the kind of wedding it is and your own personal style. Here we take a look at a few of the best options that will help complete your look without upstaging the bride!

Wedding guest hair that doesn’t require a professional

As a guest, you want to ensure your look perfectly fits with the style of the wedding but equally, you don’t want to break the bank. We know that costs can escalate for weddings – even for guests! That’s why we have put together some of the best DIY easy wedding guest hairstyles you can master without a trip to the salon. Before picking the style you want to try, consider these questions:


  • Where is the wedding being held? Is it a formal space or religious building? Is it in a more relaxed setting, such as a garden or beach?
  • Is there a dress code? Was there a color scheme or level of formality set in your invitation?
  • What is the weather forecast?

Top hairstyles for wedding guests with long hair

Braided hairsyle for wedding guest

Braids are perfect for wedding guests

Long hair allows for plenty of versatility when choosing the look you want, meaning you have the choice of most styles. Your main concern with longer hair, however, should be keeping it out of your face to prevent any mishaps when eating, and to stop it becoming unruly in the event of bad weather. These are some of our favorite wedding guest hair looks that can be dressed up or down depending on the formality of the occasion.

Half up-half down

Half-up half-down hairstyles are the perfect meeting of romantic loose curls with elegant and polished updos. Not only do they offer an excellent means of keeping hair out of your face, but they can be tailored to accommodate different parts of the day: unpin a few tendrils for a more relaxed look after the ceremony.

Crown braid

Crown braids are an enormously popular hairstyle for wedding guests with long hair due to their soft, feminine allure and practicality: with the braid firmly pinned in your hair, this stands no chance of coming loose at a crucial moment or if there’s bad weather! Follow our step-by-step guide to creating a braided updo at home.

Cascading curls

If you are blessed with a luscious crop of natural curls (or simply own a good curling iron) then opting to let them steal the show is a great DIY option. Tumbling, well-defined curls pinned to the side or simply pushed back off the face always offer a gorgeous result.

Hairstyles for wedding guests with medium-length hair

Medium length hairstyle for a wedding guest

Demure but pretty style perfect for wedding guests

Shoulder length hair lets you experiment with the best aspects of both long and short looks. There are therefore a number of easy wedding guest hairstyles out there that offer creative updates on classic styles. These are a few of our favorites:

Beach waves

Soft, tousled waves are perfect for a boho wedding and are a great base onto which you can add braid details or even hair accessories. Make sure to get a cut shortly before the wedding in order to guarantee an even hairline and no split ends!

Classic chignon

A low chignon is perhaps the most elegant and classic wedding guest hair option. No matter your age or hair texture, this versatile look is sure to suit. Incorporate some face-framing strands at the front or back for a more ‘undone’ look or keep it clean and classy.

Half-up bun

A high bun or top knot worn with half your hair down is a mix of scruffy-chic aesthetics and a great option for those of us with poker straight locks.

Creative hairstyles for wedding guests with short hair

Short bob hairstyle for wedding guest

Short hair always looks great in a bob

Some people say there aren’t many styling options for people with short hair but we completely disagree. Shorter hair lets our features take center stage, while complementing every aspect of our image and personality. Use color, accessories and some stylized elements to really bring your look to life.

Bob with ombre

Ombre hair is not only one of the hottest trends in hair coloring but also one of the most flattering. Short bobs are perfect for showing off elegantly ombred hair highlights and make for a trendy and modern wedding guest hairstyle.

Gatsby waves

Few things say glamour and style more than 1920s hairstyles and short hair really lets them shine. Add some Gatsby-inspired waves, hair jewelry or slicked back sections for a stand-out look that will scream your individuality.

Curled bob

No matter the length of your bob, adding gentle curls throughout will not only amp up the volume but give it a truly special touch. Even better, with short hair this takes no time to create and is one of the easiest wedding guest hairstyles there is!

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