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Grow Out Your Bangs – Stylish Transition Haircuts


Are bangs no longer your style? We’ll show you how to grow out your bangs, no matter if they’ve become tattered, frazzled, or lopsided, by skillfully integrating them into a transition hairstyle.

Trendy curtain bangs

Blonde woman with curtain bangs

Keep long bangs out of your eyes with this trendy style

Growing out bangs can be quite annoying if they’re constantly in your eyes. So, what if you casually styled your bangs by parting them in the middle and just pushing them to the side? This is how we got to one of this year’s favorite hairstyles: curtain bangs. The style gets its name from how you push your bangs to the side, giving you a clear view, as you would with a curtain. This look works for any hair type:

1.       Part your hair in the middle using your fingers. It doesn’t matter if your part appears a bit messy, as this look is best when it’s kept casual.

2.       If your bangs don’t stay parted, you can blow-dry them using a round brush. The style will hold even better when you use hairspray. This gives your bangs more volume and hold while still looking completely natural.

3.      You can also secure your bangs using hair clips on the sides. This will prevent them from falling out of place, even when exercising.

The half bun with bangs

Profile of woman growing out her bangs who has camouflaged them into a half bun

The half bun with bangs is a perfect transition hairstyle

Another trending hairstyle that can easily be worn when you want to grow out bangs is the half bun. Unlike the classic messy bun, you don’t need to tie together all of your hair, but rather just your bangs into a top knot bun. Styling the half bun is easy:

1.       Gather your bangs and the front of your hair and twist it into a messy bun.

2.       Secure your hair with an elastic on the top of your head.

3.       Leave the rest of your hair down – and don’t worry if some strands come loose from the bun here and there. This style is meant to look unfinished.

Tip: If when you tie up your hair you notice some greasier spots, just freshen it up with dry shampoo for an instant just-washed look. Just spray on before, massage in and brush through – you’re sure to see the results with your half bun.

Casual street style with braided bangs

Two women, one has braided her bangs to the side and used bobby pins

You can easily camouflage your grown out bangs with braids

Braided hairstyles are perfect for the transition phase when growing out your bangs. Tight cornrows perfectly conceal bangs that are too long. But any other style that braids hair to the side works for hiding grown out bangs. Here’s how easy it is:

1.       Divide your bangs into sections. The thickness of the sections is determined by whether you want cornrows or rather a French braid, for example.

2.       Begin by braiding three sections. For a sharper look, pull the sections tight. If not, it is possible to braid the sections more loosely.

3.       When you’ve come to the end of the sections, secure the style with hair clips. For a romantic look, add flowers into the braid.

In order for your braided masterpiece to last, set the style with hairspray. But take care that it doesn’t look sticky. Use hairspray to give your braid plenty of hold while making sure it still looks natural.

Get your bangs under control with curls

Woman with blonde curly hair and grown out bangs

Curly hair is very forgiving when growing out bangs

Do you have naturally curly hair? Perfect. You can easily hide your bangs in your curls by simply pushing them to the side. Bobby pins and a bit of hairspray will hold them in place when they feel like bouncing back to your forehead. But straight hair can also be made into curly hairstyles that will easily hide grown out bangs. And here’s how:

1.       Form naturally looking curls using the curling iron. Make sure you apply hair protection from heat beforehand. Place sections of your hair in the curling iron, carefully turning it to create the curl.

2.       Also, curl your bangs using the curling iron. The benefit: The curls will make your bangs seem somewhat shorter, meaning that it might be enough to just style them curly. If your bangs are still in your eyes, you can secure them out of the way with a headband or a small bow.

3.       Secure your curls with hairspray.

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