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Farewell to Uneven Hair!

Model with short hairstyle

You intended to spruce up your hair color using a tinting application or you had decided to completely change your entire appearance along with your hair color. Instead, you wound up with multi-coloured mottled hair. Have you ever been in this situation? You may like to know about the expert remedies for such mishaps

Unevenly Colored Hair

There is help for unevenly colored hair

Several reasons may cause your hair to take up color unevenly. You may have applied the coloring agent improperly, residual pigments in your hair may skew the resulting hair color, traces of styling products were still in your hair or your hair structure is uneven. Whatever the reason fast action is the order of the day.

Dare to Change Your Hair Color

Before you color your hair again, you should wash your hair using a peeling shampoo. Then treat your hair to a nourishing cure to repair structural damages to your hair. For the new color treatment use the same product as before. If you use a darker color you should reduce the leave-in time to gradually even out color differences.

The Dark Side

What happens when regularly dyed hair gets darker with every color treatment? In case of an intensive tinting or permanent coloring application you should first apply the hair color to the new hair growth and then only for the last few minutes to the entire hair. Rinsable tinting applications should actually have been washed out before applying new color. This prevents an accumulation of pigments toward the hair ends.

The ends of longer hair tend to be more porous and therefore take up higher concentrations of pigments. You should therefore apply hair color first to the new hair growth and only for the last few minutes to the hair ends. It also helps to treat the hair ends of long hair to regular intensive cures. These cures are essential to assure even coloring results.

The Short Haircut Solution

Admittedly, this is a radical solution for only the most serious color mishap. Still, cutting your hair is very effective in case the hair ends have taken up more pigment than the rest of the hair. This frequently happens to split or porous hair ends. Cutting off the hair ends restores the health of the hair and guarantees even coloring results.

Solution of Last Resort

All this is far too much trouble for you? A visit to your hair stylist can save you from further hairy debacles. In case of doubt, your hair stylist can put some streaks into your hair to distract from the uneven coloring results.

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