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  • Brown Hair is all the Rage

    Brown hair shines in more variations than any other hair color. We give you tips on how to treat and color brown hair

    More about Brown Hair
  • Red Hair: Flaming Beauty

    Red is not just another hair color, it is a statement. Red is also the hair color with the most luster

    Tips for Red Hair
  • Blonde Hair: Lighting up the Place

    Do blondes have more fun? Do men favor blondes? We have no idea. We do know that blonde hair is a real highlight

    Everything about Blonde Hair
  • Gray Hair: Silver is Precious

    Have you decided to embrace nature? Gray hair can give you a very special style – or also hide in an understated style

    Tricks for Gray Hair
  • Black Hair: It’s Magic!

    Snow White’s beautiful sisters are conquering the fashion world. Black hair is mysterious and classy

    The Magic of Black Hair
  • For Men: Color Change Now!

    Men play chameleon now too. They surprise with color variations and highlights. Of course, they are discreet about it

    Hair Color Tips for Men