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Undercut Women's Hairstyle: Who wore it best?

The undercut certainly makes a statement. At first glance you may get the impression that it looks rebellious, but look again! This trendy hairstyle grows on you. Singers Cassie Ventura and Amelle Berrabah show how classy and elegant undercut hairstyles for women can look. Who do you think looks best with the female undercut? Please vote!


Cassie Ventura and Amelle Berrabah both look stylish with their undercuts. Can you decide who looks best with the trendy haircut?

The ladies undercut hairstyle has its origins in the metal rock and goth scenes. The look involves shaving the lower portion of the hair or cutting it very short while the top hair stays long or longer. The undercut has made its way to more established ranks; quite a few prominent people helped make it a trend. Cassie Ventura and Amelle Berrabah look quite ladylike with their undercut hairstyles.  


As far as their female undercuts are concerned, the two singers could be twins. Cassie Ventura is an R&B singer, dancer and model. The US American singer entered the music scene with her debut album "Me & U". She first recorded her famous song as a birthday present for her mother in 2006. The British singer Amelle Berrabah has been a member of the girl band "Sugababes" for many years.


Cassie wears her female undercut with long top hair. She is definitely more daring in the details of her hairstyle choice than Amelle. Almost half of her scalp is shaved razor-short. In contrast, Amelle's choice is the light version of the pixie undercut. This allows her to change to a short bob hairstyle whenever she wants a different look. Her undercut with shorter top hair probably does not turn quite as many heads.


Who carries off the distinctive look to their best advantage? Is it Cassie with her razor-short female undercut and long top hair? Or is it Amelle's somewhat toned down version of the undercut that slightly leans towards the bob? Please vote for your favorite version of the undercut.