The best hairstyles for women over 70
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Hairstyles For Women Over 70: Which One Will Suit You?

Regardless of her age, a woman should be able to look amazing if she wants to! While it’s true that your hair will naturally lose color, thickness and volume as you age, there are still a lot of hairstyles for over 70s that can make you feel great and revitalized.

Fabulous hairstyles for women over 70

Stay fresh with hairstyles for women over 70

Iris Apfel looks stunning as ever with her short hair and trademark big glasses

Short hairstyles for women over 70 are generally very popular, simply because they require less maintenance and overall care. However, these aren’t the only possibilities and for any women looking to try something new there are a whole host of options.  First and foremost, it’s important to maintain strong and healthy hair before committing to a particular hairstyle. Consequently, if your hair has already begun to change color then it’s important to use a shampoo for gray hair to keep it looking and feeling its best. With it in the right condition, you are free to pick any particular hairstyle for women over 70 that you like, long or short!

Pixie with long bangs

This is perhaps the number one short haircut for women over 70, and is a gorgeous style that requires minimal fuss. The pixie cut with long bangs can also make you appear slightly younger; discuss the length of the bangs beforehand with your hairdresser to ensure you get a length that best suits the shape of your face. Women with slightly thicker hair should consider a pixie with side swept bangs, as asymmetry is very trendy.

Voluminous bob

Easily one of the most flattering hairstyles for women over 70 out there, the voluminous bob suits those with thicker, longer hair. While it might take a bit more effort than a pixie cut, the results will always speak for themselves! To get the best finish, style with a blow dryer to add volume and then use a flat iron to curl the ends of your hair.

Short bob hairstyle

Short looks are great on women over 70

Keep it short and sweet with a bob

This is a classic hairstyle for any 70-year-old woman who is finding that volume is getting harder to find. Keep the sides slightly shorter and try to comb the bangs to one side for a super stylish and trendy cut. Bob hairstyles are varied, so consider several options and discuss your favorites with your hairdresser.


If you dislike the idea of gray hair, then it's a great idea to experiment with highlights. These work particularly well in short hairstyles for women over 70 and can make you look so much younger. Completely dyeing your hair a dark shade can sometimes look a bit out of place, but highlights are subtle and striking.


All things considered, you don't have to worry about going gray, as looking great is so simple with the right haircut and proper care. Even if the hair is thinning and losing volume, the hairstyles for women over 70 listed above are just a few examples to show what's possible in your later years. For more hairstyle inspiration, just check out the hairstyles of celebrity women such as Judi Dench, Jane Fonda, and Helen Mirren.