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Best Hairstyles for Long Faces: Styles To Suit Every Proportion

Everyone is different, not just in regards to their styles but in regards to their proportions, too. Big, small, heftier or skinner, we all come in different sizes and shapes – and the same goes for faces. Oval, round, square and long – the variety of different face shapes means you have to give some consideration to the hairstyle to accompany your unique face shape. In the case of having a long face, this simply means that some hairstyles for long faces will look better than others. While having a long face isn't a bad thing, it does mean you'll have to be more selective when choosing a hairstyle that complements you.

Shoulder-length Waves

If you're lucky enough to have naturally curly hair then this is the ideal length for you. As far as hairstyles for narrow faces go, cutting your hair to the shoulder the optimal length for complimenting a slightly lengthier visage. Be careful not to let you hair grow too long, however, as this will over serve to give your face a longer appearance. Another addition to this style is the inclusion of straight bangs which will add a contrasting horizontal line to give the appearance of additional width; it can also help hide a long forehead.

Voluminous Long Bob

High volume perfectly complements long faces

High volume complements narrow faces

If you want something to really widen your face then adding volume to your hair is the way to go. A long bob full of body is the perfect hairstyle for thin faces as the extra structure serves to add way more dimension to the overall look of your head and face. Products such as volumizing powder can help you to achieve a thicker, fuller look.

Short and Textured Cut

A short and textured cut is the obvious choice if you're looking for a short hairstyle for long faces. It limits the height of the hair around the crown, and with long layered bangs you can frame your face while masking the forehead simultaneously. The texture and layers of the look will add bulk as well as body, and go leagues to make your face appear fuller while still retaining a short hairstyle.

Straight Chin-Length Bob

Long bobs are great hairstyles for long faces

Taylor Swift rocks a bob with bangs

One of the more balanced hairstyles for long faces, the chin-length bob works by avoiding length and balancing out the facial features. Keeping the hair smooth and sleek will also help to detract from the length of the face while giving the cut a sophisticated  and elegant feel. The fact that the length of this cut ends at chin-level means the perceived length of the face is immediately lessened.