Short wedding hairstyles look great for your big day
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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair: Unique Looks to Fit Your Style

There's no incorrect hairstyle to wear when saying "I do." Longer hair might be easier to pin up and to wear down, but that doesn't mean you're out of options if your hair is on the shorter end of the style spectrum. When it comes to short hair, there are plenty of different styles to choose from. From pixie cuts to layered updos, there are a wealth of wedding hairstyles for short hair that will appeal to

Pixie Cut

A cute pixie is ideal as a short wedding hairstyle

Pixie cuts make for excellent short wedding hairstyles

For a timeless look that will always suit any wedding dress, it's hard to go wrong with a pixie cut. Popularized in the 1950s by Audrey Hepburn and later in the 1960s by Mia Farrow, it's a short wedding hairstyle that works well with any hair type, and a staple for all women who like to wear their hair cropped. Pixies are also very easy to maintain and can be dressed up without too much effort, ideal for a day when you're likely to be at least a little bit stressed!

Updo Variations

As a classic look that has always been associated with pure elegance, the bridal updo for short hair can be styled to suit any occasion. The great thing about a short updo is its versatility; it can be worn to the side in a curly fashion or swept upwards for a voluminous look. With the use of a barrette or bobby pins, you can easily pin your hair up in a short chignon – arguably one the most iconic short wedding hairstyles out there.

Chin-Length Bobs

A bob is a classic short wedding hairstyle

The bob is always a popular bridal hairstyle for short hair

Bobs come in many styles and variations. Typically cut straight around the head at jaw-level and accompanied by straight bangs, the bob is an ideal wedding hairstyle for short hair. Although a slightly newer hairstyle than some of the others on this list, the bob is a popular and enduring cut that frames the face beautifully. For those who are interested in slightly more daring details, the bob can by cropped close at the back to expose your neckline, cut with choppy bangs, or layered with a hair styling razor.

Wedding Headband

Accessorizing your hair with a wedding headband is one way of adding extra flair to your overall look. A lot of short hair wedding styles are simple yet sophisticated looks, so hair accessories go a long way to transforming an ordinary bridal hairstyle into a short hair masterpiece. Better still, a headband can work as an extension of your dress and can be stylized to reflect the overall theme and tone of your wedding outfit in a minimal and tasteful way. Variations on the wedding band include flower crowns and cap veils.

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