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Discover Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

We say yes to the new wedding looks! Classic, extravagant and oh so romantic – the new long hair wedding styles make wedding bells ring louder and set women’s hearts aflutter. Pinned up artistically or in the dreamlike loose look – be bold and head for the altar with one of the season’s most beautiful wedding hairdos.

Wedding season has begun. Once again many brides are about to enjoy the best day of their lives this year! Preparations are in full swing for them. The dress, location, motto and makeup may already have been found. What about the wedding updo for long hair? Many brides prefer to put that decision off until the last minute – no wonder: with such a large selection of breathtaking wedding hairstyles, who wants to commit? Not to mention that the hairdo (with or without the veil and jewelry) completes the overall look so it must be chosen last. But then it is just like a partner – there is one that simply feels right!

We make the wait more enjoyable by presenting fantastic inspiration for bridal hairstyles for long hair.

Gallery: Long Wedding Hairstyles

Flowery Braided Wedding Updo for Long Hair

2016 bridal hairdos for long hair

Flower child: Floral hair accessories in a braided hairdo are more than just a flirt

Beautiful blooms have long since gone beyond the bridal bouquet and can make the bride’s hair blossom as well! Fabric flowers or jewelry, solo or as tendrils, the floral arrangement makes any hairdo attractive and eye-catching. The most appealing flower power pair is flowery hair accessories coupled with braided elements – very romantic indeed! Note: avoid plastic blossoms if possible as they can often take from the glamorous long hair wedding style.

You have fallen in love and want to know how to style the braided crown? Then follow our hairstyling instructions: braided updo.

Wedding Updo for Long Hair: Dress Rehearsal

Just like the wedding banquet and wedding dance, the bridal hairstyle needs to be rehearsed. A few weeks before your wedding, get together with your hairdresser and try out the hairdo of your dreams from start to finish. This saves you from nasty surprises later on and you can be certain that the hairdo really works for you and goes well with your wedding dress. Not to mention that a trial run is important for timing to avoid unnecessary stress on the big day. Now all that is left is to say is 'I do!' to the right long wedding hairstyle.