Model rocks the messy look hairstyle trend
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Creating Messy Updos and Hairstyles

Creating the popular messy hairstyles is fast and easy. It takes little except your hands and the right methods. We show you how to go beyond not styling your hair and suggest helpful styling products.

Now you can snooze a little longer in the morning because styling your hair will be a breeze. Undone looking hairstyles are fashionable and easy to create. It is important to conceal all styling efforts. Stray strands of hair need to look as if they naturally escaped the hairdo and unevenly cut hair needs to show a lack of concern for straight lines. Flying hair and asymmetry must reflect your attitude. Little more than your hands are needed as styling tools.


Messy Hairstyles and the Inevitable Finishing Touches


Whatever you call the tousled hairstyles, out-of-bed style, undone, casual or messy, the hairstyle will show your lack of concern for the creation of perfection. Messy hairstyles contrast impressively with elegant outfits. A messy, almost ‘unstyled’ chignon can lighten the stiffness of an otherwise elegant outfit. The traditional business blazer may turn heads if your hairstyle reflects the laid back or sassy part of your nature. The unconcerned hairstyles create a vivid contrast to perfectly styled outfits.


How to Create Messy Hairstyles


Create as much volume as you can for messy hairstyles using styling mousse or volumising powder. It will enhance the style especially for open hanging long hair.


Messy Ponytail Variations


Gather or twist you hair into a ponytail, braid or updo (e. g. a chignon or banana updo). It is important not to concern yourself with accuracy of any kind. Leave the hair as ‘undone’ as possible. Then enhance the messy impression by pulling a few strands of hair out of the scrunchy or updo or by pulling on single strands of your braids. Hairspray should be used sparingly for messy hairstyles. The hair should remain naturally flexible.


Messy Open Hair Variations


First blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. If your hair is straight create a few waves in the hair ends. Then tousle your hair to your hearts content. Accentuate a few strands of hair by creating sub-strands and pulling them apart in opposite directions from the hair ends to the roots. You may also like to use wax to accentuate the ends of a few hair strands at random or twirl the ends of a few strands around your finger. Hang your head upside down and shake it vigorously to refresh messy open hairstyles.