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Trendy Bloggers Tell Us All

Bloggers now wear their hair close to their heads. Right in time for the next parties, bloggers created some step-by-step video tutorials showing how the best updos are done. We present to you the ones we liked. They are easy to style at home

Ponytail hairstyles and buns are cool but come party time, our hair should look special and stylish maybe even a little extravagant. Updos are the ideal match for the little black or the special red dress. Well, if you are a blogger you may prefer a green or purple dress. Whatever the color of your best dress, a glamorous updo can only enhance it.

Bloggers like many women before them have discovered looped, braided and twisted hair. They outdo each other with the most amazing styling tips. Even better, many of the video tutorials don't just show extraordinarily inventive hair styles but they also deliver step-by-step styling instruction. Friendly bloggers demonstrate every practical trick so that you can successfully create the hair styles at home.

Romance is in Style

Bloggers show you how to create trendy updos

Melissa's blog provides you with easy instructions so that you can style your hair like this at home

Melissa named her blog 'y Soul is the Sky' after a line from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. She is a great fan of romance and updos and credits her fashion idol Rachel Zoe for the inspiration fuelling her creativity. Rachel Zoe is known as a stylist and consultant of many It girls and beauties. Melissa takes in the inspiration and runs with it to horizons all of her own. Her best looks are playful. Especially hair styles with braids now catch her fancy.

Bloggers show you how to create trendy updos

The Dutch blogger Ivania certainly does not lack devoted followers. Small wonder, her elfin hair styles won our admiration!

The Dutch blogger Ivania Carpio has found her own style as well. Her blog 'Love Aesthetics' testifies to her style and originality. Ivania does not mind looking through the hardware store for styling utensils or cutting up expensive designer fashion to put it back together the way she sees fit. She hit the ground running with her unconventional ideas. Ivania already made a name for herself and her minimalistic look on the International scene.

Her favorite updo reflects her clean puristic style. The upturned hair looks young, almost angelic. Two strands of hair falling into her face complete the look. The hair style combines particularly well with a delicate silk dress. The large simply styled earrings are a welcome contrast to the otherwise elfin appearance.

Bloggers show you how to create trendy updos

Blogger Melly looks adorable with her romantic updo. The feminine hair style complements her light white dress but would also go well with a classic maxi dress

The 25-year old Melly from Stuttgart (Germany) also loves artfully folded hair rolls. She named her blog 'My Stylebook'. In her professional life, Melly is a textile purchasing agent. Trust her to show you in every detail how you can accomplish this complicated looking hair style with no problem at all. Not a trace of elegance is lost in the simple styling. All it takes to create this almost ancient looking style is an Alice band and five minutes of time. This is the perfect look for a modern woman with little time who managed to preserve a bit of a royal attitude.

Nonchalant Looks

Bloggers show you how to create trendy updos

Watch Bibi's video! It is going to erase any perception that this classy updo must be complicated. You can style it in a flash

Similar yet so different! Blogger Bibi King in Berlin and her blog 'Mrs Kings Castle' represent the unique style of this metropolitan woman. The student hunts for cool finds in the German capital and shows the coolest ones in her blog. She also shares everyday tips and recipes with her blogger friends. Nicely wrapped, her tasty vanilla syrup recipe certainly makes a delicious and welcome present. Her style is young and uncomplicated all around. Bibi has a keen mind for the practical, easy to learn basics. At first sight, her updo appears complicated but Bibi's video tutorial shows how blindingly easy it can be styled. Tip: Embellish the updo with a decorative hair slide or pin to create an elegant classy hair style, which turns heads at any gala event.