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Less Styling is More

Making your styling statement for 2015 is easy: keep the styling to a minimum. The new hottest looks demonstrate the trend for more natural looking styles. If you like to create styling variations the natural appearance leaves plenty of room for creativity. See how the stars interpret the new minimal styling trend.

Her enchanting smile says it all. Singer Haley Bennett is at ease with her casual updo and the irregularly styled fringes. The understated 2015 styling has a sensual note. Our gallery shows how quickly the stars embraced the new nonchalant updo styling.


Twirled Matte Hair


Actress Taylor Schilling styled her matte hair into a playfully twirled updo. She seemed to enjoy wearing this hairstyle for a red-carpet appearance. Festive styling no longer needs to be elaborate or perfect. Loosely tousled strands of hair on the crown of her head emphasise the relaxed style.

Beauty Tip: A bright red lipstick creates an interesting contrast to matte hair.


Sophisticated Braiding


Actress and singer Candice Accola and Taylor Schilling (first gallery photo) styled their hair in similar ways. Instead of twirling her hair, Candice Accola used her considerable braiding skills. Volumising powder made her hair more manageable and reduced the natural lustre.


Did you know this? Volumising powder can be used to create the matte effect. Apply volumising powder and use your fingers to work it through your entire hair.


The Casual Low Chignon


With her simple low chignon actress and singer Hayden Panettiere looked charming at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.


Styling Instructions:


Work volumising mousse through your hair before creating a side parting. Gather your hair in the nape of your neck and twist it into a chignon. Use hair pins to secure the chignon. Pull out one or two strands of hair for a casual style.


Hair Up with Full Layered Fringes


Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead likes to wear fringes. They give her face a soft expression. Even elaborately styled updos look more relaxed with fringes.

Tip: Longer fringes, which reach slightly beyond the eyebrows, create a particularly nonchalant style.


Hair Up with a Few Stray Curls


Curls are always pretty. However, the new minimal style includes curls only as afterthought. Actress Kelsey Chow has styled her hair into an undone updo. The few stray curls create delightful accents.


Styling Suggestion:


Even minimal curls are best created using a curling iron. Be sure to apply heat protectant before heat styling



Casual Trend


Simple hairstyles are flattering for all women. They are beautiful whether you wear a T-shirt or an evening gown. The trendy new updo style is casual or a little beyond casual. Perfection is not only an elusive goal it is not wanted right now. In his video, Armin Morbach shows how to create messy looking hair. Then simply start to pull up your hair and use your creativity to not quite style the updo