Woman with short blonde hair and lots of volume
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Adding Volume to Hair Roots

Straight and shimmering, that’s how our hair is supposed to look. But it’s not just the main body of hair that needs bounce and volume – so do our roots. But how do you add volume to hair roots? It’s simple: just follow our five ultimate tips for achieving volume at the base of your hair.


Woman with short red hair with lots of volume
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With root volume like this, you'd also be touching your hair all day

"Would you like me to blow-dry your hair straight?" Look out! Many hair stylists will ask this question and then fulfill the promise – but are you sure this is what you want? Some hair stylists go all out straightening your hair without regard for your head shape or your hair structure. They take section after section and pull it tightly over a round brush. Sure, this leaves your hair as straight as never before but it also means it hangs down limp and flat, leaving most people regretting saying yes to the question. This technique will only give you a flattering look if you have very thick and robust hair. If you don’t fall into this group, it’s best to strengthen your hair at the roots instead of straightening it to within an inch of its life. 

Hair roots and how to add volume


Tip 1: The Proper Amount of Styling Aids

Mousse and blow-drying lotions are used to build up volume at the base of your hair. Important: A golf ball-sized blob of mousse or alternatively, six or seven sprays of blow-drying lotion are enough. Any more and it could gunk up your hair. These styling aids work best if you comb them through your hair from the scalp down to ear length using a comb or skeleton-type brush.


Tip 2: The Cool Air Trick

Don’t just use your hair dryer to blow hot air on your locks as this can be damaging in the long run. It’s important to apply cool air as well, as this step is essential for making the built-up volume stay put. You should therefore first pull strands of your hair over a brush while blowing warm air on it. Then roll the hair over the brush and give it a blast of cool air. Leave the brush in your hair for a few minutes. For chin-length or longer hair you should use a round brush with a diameter of at least 3.5 inches. If you use brushes with smaller heads you will create curls rather than volume.


Tip 3: Part Your Hair Differently

Hair gets used to many things. This applies to the immovable hair part as well. Hair tends to fall flat especially in the place where you have always parted your hair. See to it that there is some variation in your hairdo every once in a while and part your hair on the other side for a change. Your hair roots will be forced to stand up again and this creates more volume at the base of the hair. The following trick works great for longer hair: Use a soft hair tie to pull your freshly washed and still damp hair up high on top of your head. Let your hair down after a few hours and enjoy the full look at your hair roots.


Tip 4: Creating Illusions

Teasing is an old standby when it comes to creating more volume at the hair roots. Of course, you don’t want your hair to look like a bird’s nest. In order to avoid that look, don’t wildly start teasing the hair on top of your head. It works much better if you first gather the top layer of your hair and fasten it on top of your head. Then you can tease the hair underneath ever so softly with a fine-toothed comb. Then comb the top layer of your hair back in place and keep it in place using a trace of hair spray such as göt2b® Insta Hold Flex Hold Hair Spray.


Tip 5: Preserving Your Styling Art

Hair spray or hair lacquer is the perfect finishing touch for the architecture of your hairstyle. However, do not even think of holding the spray bottle over your head and just spraying like crazy. If your hair is fine, this may also have the unwanted effect of weighing it down. It is much more effective to lift individual strands of your top hair portion and spray from the side and onto the hair root.