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Biggest Hair Fails: What Shouldn't You Be Doing?

There are so many listicles on the Internet full of incredible hair fails! While it might be amusing for others to see these pictures and videos, it's definitely not funny for the person with the hair problem. Whether it's to save time or even money, many people resort to cutting, styling, or coloring their hair themselves and believing they can do a good job. Unfortunately, if you don't know what you're doing, you'll end up with hair horrors that are no fun at all! To keep clear of these, we'll tell you a few things that you're probably doing wrong.

Hair problems to avoid


There are several hair fails that can be easily avoided, and these include the following:


  • Cutting your own bangs – If you don't want a wonky fringe, ask a hairdresser to complete the job and show them one of these hairstyles with bangs.
  • Leaving on bleach or dye for too long – Bleach is a dangerous chemical when not used properly. One of the biggest hair fails is leaving in any bleach or hair dye longer than necessary, as this can turn your locks an unexpected color or even damage them.
  • Selecting the wrong hair dye – Although we often want fast results, sometimes we need to pick the right hair dye for our current hair color. For example, if you were to use a metallic blue color, then this works best on those with dark blonde to dark brown hair.
  • Burning your hair with hair-dryers or straighteners – Don't forget, these tools can get incredibly hot very quickly. It's not at all uncommon to come away with burnt skin or singed hair if you use these products incorrectly.
  • Going to sleep with wet hair – This can result in tough knots and unruly hair when you wake up.
  • Brushing hair from the roots – Not often thought of as a hair problem, brushing your hair when it's wet can cause breakage (your hair is most vulnerable when wet), but so too can brushing from top to bottom. Work your way upward from the bottom of your hair when brushing.
  • Washing hair too often – Although some people wash their hair every day, this depends on hair types and how oily your scalp gets. Washing every day can remove the beneficial natural oils from the scalp, leading to brittle and dry hair. Learn here how to wash your hair properly.
  • Using cotton pillowcases – No one wants hair horrors first thing in the morning! If you constantly wake up with tangled and frizzy hair, it’s likely because of your cotton pillowcase. Using this material can also lead to thin, dry hair, as cotton can absorb natural oils from your skin and hair. Silk or satin pillowcases are often recommended.
  • Washing hair with hot water – We’re talking scalding hot! While hot water helps to open up pores and remove dirt from your scalp, overly hot water can lead to dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Better to wash with lukewarm water and finish with cold water to tighten hair cuticles and improve circulation to the scalp.
  • Rough towel-drying – Vigorously rubbing your hair dry with a towel can lead to split ends and frizzy hair. It’s better to pat your hair softly with a towel or let it air-dry if you’re in no rush.
  • Not using heat protection – Without heat protection spray before using tools like hair straighteners, your hair can suffer dehydration and breakage due to the incredibly hot temperatures. To avoid epic hair fails, use heat protectant which will create a protective barrier of sorts around the hair strands.
  • Not getting regular trims – Especially if you plan on growing your hair out, removing hair problems like split ends with regular trims helps to reduce breakage and keep hair thick and shiny. It’s also a good idea to maintain strong hair with anti-breakage treatment.