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Seven Things Your Hairdresser Wants You to Know

Sitting in the stylist's chair shouldn't be stressful or confusing, and understanding how your hairdresser thinks will help you both out. We‘ve compiled a list of the top seven things all hairdressers want their clients to know before taking a seat in their chair. This insight will be helpful in terms of your appointment results and your overall relationship with your stylist!

  1. Your hair versus the picture you brought in
    Most people get their hair inspiration from celebrities, models, or pictures that they find on social media. While these images give your stylist a good idea of what you want, make sure you have realistic expectations. Talk to your hairdresser about how much styling and maintenance the look requires, and have an honest conversation about how much upkeep you’re willing to dedicate to your hair.

  2. Regular trims will help your hair grow
    It might seem counterintuitive, but when the ends of your hair are damaged, they split upwards until the hair eventually breaks and falls out. The longer you go without a trim, the thinner the bottom of your hair will look. Make sure you're clear with your stylist; ask for a slight trim every two months to remove the split ends for healthier hair that will continue to grow.

  3. You get what you pay for
    Salons spend lots money training hairdressers on the latest styles and techniques. Whether you’re coming in for a bad cut/color correction or just seeking the latest hair trend, it's worth putting in the extra money to go to a salon that pushes their staff to continue their hair education.

  4. Your hair history is important
    Just like your doctor needs to know your health history, your hairdresser needs to know your hair history. Have you dyed it at home recently? Do you have virgin hair? Have you ever had a perm/chemical straightening or extensions? Telling your stylist about your hair’s past will help better serve your needs.

  5. Coloring is not the same as lightening
    If you plan to go darker or stay a similar shade, this involves your stylist popping cooler molecules into the hair shaft. On the flip side, if you're having it lightened, your stylist will need to remove the molecules (melanin) from your hair, making it look lighter. Differentiating these two techniques is key for better understanding the process that your hair will be undergoing.

  6. You can’t lift color with color
    Using light brown hair dye on dark brown hair won't make your hair lighter; it only adds more of those molecules onto your hair shaft. In order to properly transition your hair color, your hairdresser will have to lighten it first and then put the light brown dye on top of that. The best option is to go lighter gradually and buildhighlights over time.

  7. Use professional quality products on your hair at home
    Generally, professional products use gentler cleaners, are more concentrated, and have higher levels of ingredients that produce true results. All of the products from the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME and styliste ULTIME lines are affordable, yet still hold up to the standard of professional quality.

  8. If you love the end result, recommend them
    So you love your new 'do and your hairdresser is your new BFF… Tell people, spread the word! Your hairdresser will appreciate you more, especially since the hair industry relies heavily on word of mouth.