Quick and easy topknot hairstyle
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Quick Hairstyles: 5 Top Tips

The rush is always on, whether time is running short early in the morning or between work and the evening date. Still, the hair needs to look great. We present to you our five favorite tips for a marvellous hair style without shampooing, elaborate use of the blow dryer or complicated styling

Tip 1: Basically New and Fresh

Does your hair still look great but there is a slight oil crisis in the making near the roots? Relax, shampooing is not the only solution. Instead, firmly work some alcohol-containing styling mousse into the hair near the scalp and then blow-dry the hair using a skeleton-type brush. Working short hair near the scalp with your fingers while it dries is also a viable solution. The alcohol in the blow-drying mousse will dry out your hair ever so slightly, which is ideal when combating oily hair near the roots. Another solution involves gently massaging a little baby or body powder onto the scalp with both your hands. You need to brush your hair well afterward to remove any greyish powder residue. The powder has a blotting effect and leaves the hair like freshly washed, well almost like washed.

Tip 2: From Wild to Tame

Your first look in the mirror early in the morning shows your hair standing up in all the wrong directions. Oh and where did all the cowlicks come from? This calls for a hair taming. Simply spray some leave-in spray conditioner for long dry hair. Then style your hair using a large round brush. In lieu of the spray conditioner you can also use regular tap water. The method works in any case. In order to keep your hair from getting really wet and to avoid a long blow-drying session, it is best to moisten your hair by pulling a wet comb through it from the roots to the tips. Hold the comb under running water between strokes.

Tip 3: Hot Roller Tip

The bounce has left your hair overnight and your hair keeps clinging to the scalp. Heated rollers will bring new life and volume back to your hair in almost no time at all. Just put the pre-heated rollers into the dry hair and leave them in while you brush your teeth or enjoy your morning Espresso. You can take the rollers out after ten minutes. Brush the cooled hair briefly and spray it with a hint of hairspray if you wish. Done!

Tip 4: A Genuine Revival

It is quite possible to quickly revive a short haircut, which has been created using gel or a wax-containing gel. However, do not reach for more gel. This would make your hair as stiff as bristles. Rather than using more gel, simply use your wet fingers to bring the right style back to your short hair.

Tip 5: Weight versus Volume

If you have styled your hair using mousse or hair spray you should first thoroughly brush out the previously used products. Only then is your hair ready for new styling aids. Leaving excessive amounts of styling aids in your hair will weigh it down and steal your hair’s luster.