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Bigger Is Better: Get Ultimate Hair Volume

Big hair is having a serious moment right now. Gone are the days where a flat ironed finish was the only request heard at the salon: now, voluminous curls and bouncy, healthy waves are seen all over the runways, social media and on our favorite bloggers. No matter if you were born with naturally poker straight hair! Here we will show you how to get volume in hair with a few easy tricks and offer top advice on how to make it stay that way all day with all the best hair volume products.

The full hair look is here to stay

Get ultimate hair volume

Get incredible amounts of hair volume

Is there anything more attractive than happy, healthy, luscious looking hair? No, we don’t think so either. That’s probably the key to why big volume hair remains at the forefront of top fashion looks. Whether worn by celebrities on the red carpet or by a soccer mom buying groceries, adding volume to hair ensures a youthful glow and vibrant style.


Although many people might instantly think of 80s hairstyles when they hear talk of big hair, these days the look is far more controlled and luscious than the big frizzy perms that defined previous eras. Achieving Victoria’s Secret levels of height, shine and bounce is the name of the game! Of course, hair volume can be adapted to whatever style you want: paired down for an evening with friends, or amped up for a stunning wedding style. Ensure the look comes to life and completely make it your own. 

How to get big hair: the essential products

High impact big hair

Get incredible amounts of volume in long hair

Wondering how to get more volume in your hair? Although it can take a bit of work, with these tools and styling aids you’ll be equipped to achieve the big hair of your dreams. Here are the essential hair volume products you should have in your bathroom right now.


Texturizing mousse: Work a good texturizing hair mouse through your towel-dry hair where it is needed, i.e. close to the hair roots and evenly to the ends for an all-over effect.


Velcro rollers: Warm up individual strands of hair with your blow dryer and roll them on Velcro curlers. Start with the hair on the crown of your head and work your way toward the neck. Allow the rollers to remain in your hair until they are cool before removing them. Tease the root portion of each strand of hair as you remove the rollers.


Hairspray: Using a good, high quality hairspray will help ensure your hair not only gets an extra boost of volume but doesn’t budge an inch. Apply the spray while hanging your head upside down for maximum effect.


Volumizing powder: Using a mattifying powder can help to take your hair to new heights. Lift the hair up and apply at the roots. Gently tousle the area after to ensure there’s no loose dust and you’re good to go!

Styling techniques to add volume to hair

Get major hair volume

Get major volume in natural hair

Creating more volume for fine hair doesn’t have to be a job reserved for the salon! There are three key techniques you can use to help add volume to hair and achieve the best and most interesting big hairstyles.


Blow-drying: Towel-dry hair and then hang your head upside down. Blast warm air over your whole head while gently working your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through to clear it from knots. Once you have finished your styling, you can give your hair a final blast of cool air to ensure it has a smooth finish.


Use a round brush: Taking small sections of hair, wrap them around a round brush and pull the brush through from the root to the tip. Follow each stroke with your blow dryer. This will help create lift right from the very base of your hair.


Teasing your hair: Lift individual strands of your hair to tease them with your styling comb while intermittently applying a spritz of hairspray. Only tease gently and from the underside of the hair; you want the top section to remain smooth and frizz-free.