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Hairstyles for Fine Hair: The Best Volumizing Cuts

If you have fine hair, you may sometimes find cutting and styling a little bit tricky. But don’t worry, this is easily overcome with a few tricks! In particular, choosing the right haircut for your fine hair can make all the difference, and make it look much fuller. When you combine that with suitable care and volume boosters, flat hair becomes a thing of the past!

What fine hair hairstyle suits you?

woman with fine hair hairstyle

It's easy to style haircuts for fine hair.

The sleek look is a popular hairstyle for fine hair, and one that many are happy with, but what if you feel that the smooth, slicked back look doesn’t really suit you? Or what if you simply want a change? In that case, considering your preferred length is a good place to start – why not try something new? Some of the best haircuts for fine hair, no matter the length you choose, can make your hair look more flattering and even add volume to your locks if you wish!

The best haircuts for fine hair

Generally speaking, one of two options are usually best. The first is to go for a medium length hairstyle for fine hair, ideally between your earlobe and shoulder length, that’s cut bluntly. The second option is to cut layers into your hair to give it an extra textural dimension and help it appear fuller. With long hairstyles for fine hair, these layers tend to work best on the back and sides because it allows your hair to fall neatly at the front, while offering stunning lift throughout the rest of your locks.


Alternatively, medium and short haircuts for fine hair can be feathered throughout to create extra depth in your look. No matter if you choose a pixie cut, a long hairstyle, or anything in between, fine hair should be trimmed every four to six weeks to prevent the look from going fuzzy.

Styling tips: Haircuts for fine hair

woman styling fine hair

The pixie cut is a great hairstyle for fine hair.

Hairstyles for fine hair can be genuinely stunning if you know how to handle it! One great tip is to use a volumizing hairspray or mousse; take a look at our göt2b VOLUMANIAC line. In fact, you can even combine these two products to great effect, giving you fuller-looking hair in no time. Blow drying techniques can also help you gain extra volume from your hair: starting at your roots, point the hair dryer directly towards your scalp and blow your hair against the direction it will fall. This causes the hair at the roots to stand up straight, helping it to appear fuller.


Of course, there are other ways to add some dynamism to haircuts for fine hair! For example, why not try experimenting with soft waves or curls, or even dyes? Adding highlights to your hair can be a great way of giving the impression of extra depth.

Caring for fine hair hairstyles

In addition to styling, it’s also important to customize the care routine when dealing with hairstyles for fine hair. For example, while washing your hair avoid applying too much conditioner near the roots – this weighs down the hair and makes it look even finer. Instead, focus on the hair tips when using conditioner. Also, avoid overdoing it on the heat – this won’t do your fine hair any favors! In terms of care products, look for those that contain keratin, like GLISS Extra Volume shampoo and conditioner. The protein strengthens your hair, helping you achieve that lusciously voluminous hairstyle you’ve always wanted!