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How to Use Pomade: A Guide to the Essential Men's Styling Product

When it comes to men's styling products, there's none more well-known or widely regarded than the pomade. Made from a grease, wax or water base, pomade is a long-lasting styling product that is used by men the world over to achieve sleek and intricate hairstyles such as the pompadour and comb over. Unlike spray and gel hairstyles, pomade does not dry. This means you can retain that wet, slick, shiny look in the fashion of Don Draper with ease. Below we'll discuss how to use pomade as well as the stylish haircuts you can achieve with it.

How to Style Hair with Pomade?

While styling your hair with pomade might seem straightforward, there a number of things you should take into consideration.


Firstly, your hair should be at the correct dampness before you apply any product. Many guys think your hair has to be completely dry before you using pomade. But the truth is you want it to be slightly damp. How damp exactly? You want your hair to feel as though it may be dry in the next couple of minutes, but not too wet where your hair won't mix well with the oils of the pomade.


Next, you need to decide on the amount of pomade to use. With pomade hairstyles this is always a bit tricky. Too much and your hair might take on an overly oily appearance, too little and you might not have the correct amount of hold. There's no right answer here – it largely depends on the length of your hair, your hair type and the style that you're after – but a good benchmark to start with is a teaspoon's worth, and to experiment from there.


Lastly, the application. Always remember to rub it over your hands first – the warmth from your palms will make the pomade much more pliable – this way you'll have much more surface area to attack your hair with. Once the pomade is applied to your hands, simply plunge them into your hair. Using both hands, massage the pomade in the same way you would shampoo, taking special care to get deep into the roots and distribute it evenly. After this your pomade hairstyle is ready to be styled!


So what are the best pomade hairstyles for men?

The Pompadour

Timeless and classic pomadour looks with pomade styling

Pomade hairstyles for men are favorites with A-listers

A style that has been around since it was made popular by rock n roll stars like Little Richard and Elvis Presley in the 50s and 60s, the Pompadour is a pomade hairstyle that requires quite a bit of product and some rock-hard hold to pull off.


To achieve this look, towel dry your hair and add your pomade of choice. Then use a blow dryer (high heat works best) and a round brush to push the hair upwards and forwards. Do this in sections all the way up to the hairline, giving the front a bit more attention for some extra volume. Finish it off with a dab more pomade and this hairstyle is good to go.

The Undercut Comb Over

A timeless classic meshed together with a contemporary iteration, the undercut comb over is an easily achievable pomade hairstyle that looks good on any man. Its defining characteristics – short on the sides and at the back and voluminous on the top – make it a cut that is not only effortless to do every morning, but also leaves you looking fresh, dapper and clean cut.

The Faux Hawk

Use pomade for a hairstyle you will love

Steal the limelight with this pomade hairstyle

For the man who wants to add a bit of rebelliousness to his hairstyle without going full-on punk, the faux hawk is a pomade hairstyle that includes the best of both worlds. It allows you to achieve the look and feel of a traditional Mohawk without fully committing to shaving the sides of your head completely. There's also no limit to the variations of the faux hawk, and any number of different styles can be achieved.

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